Furnish Your Poolside

A great deal of thought and planning go into the design and programming of an aquatic facility. All of this planning addresses what happens in the pool, but it's just as important to consider how to support visitors when they get out of the water. You should take the same level of care when selecting and outfitting your pool deck to ensure comfort, which will encourage longer stays and repeat visits.

Lounge by the Pool

Among the most common poolside furnishings, lounge chairs are a must-have, especially for outdoor pools where guests are looking for a dry spot to call "home," as well as a place to just sit and enjoy watching the activity in the water. You'll want to be well-equipped with lounge chairs to ensure visitors can all find a place to relax.

You can also go a step further and provide poolside cabanas. Cabanas provide comfort and intimacy, offering guests a semi-private experience by the pool. They also serve double duty: Not only will guests appreciate the added privacy and comfort, but you can rent out your poolside cabanas, adding a steady revenue stream to your facility.

Picnic tables are another smart addition to your poolside, especially if your facility includes concessions. Visitors will enjoy a place to stop and enjoy a snack. Just take care not to place picnic tables too close to the water, to ensure food and waste stays out of your pool.

Sun Protection

While many guests still love to lounge in the sunshine, most people are now aware of the need for protection from the sun's dangerous UV rays. Whether you choose smaller umbrellas to provide shade to a single picnic table or a couple of lounges, or you choose much larger umbrellas offering more shade coverage, you'll be inviting guests to stay longer when you can give them a way to get out of the hot sun.

If you're concerned about trip hazards near your pool, you might consider cantilever-style umbrellas, which feature a post on the side instead of in the center. Their ability to tilt and move means guests can get shade just where they need it.

Don't forget your lifeguards! In addition to providing lifeguard chairs that will allow them to keep a close eye on swimmers, you can include umbrellas, protecting these crucial staff members from the dangers of too much sun exposure.



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