Keep a Clean, Well-Maintained Facility

To ensure your recreation, sports or fitness facility is attractive to new members as well as existing patrons, you must stay on top of any needed maintenance and cleaning tasks.

First, ensure your cleaning staff and maintenance staff are well trained and understand the regular requirements of your facility. Then, be sure they have all of the supplies they need readily available to do the work of keeping your facility clean. Make sure you're well-stocked with cleaning supplies, as well as all of the toiletries that need to be replaced on a regular basis in your restrooms and locker rooms.

Cleaning staff should have a daily checklist, with a focus on the areas that need cleaning more often. There are also tasks that should be addressed less often, but still on a regular basis.

During your hours of operation, staff members should be keeping an eye on high-traffic areas, as well as any space that tends to get messy, like locker rooms and restrooms. Any problems should be addressed immediately. A staff member should be making regular sweeps through your bathrooms and locker rooms, restocking toilet paper, paper towels and soap as needed. Provide a checklist, and ask staff to note the time they checked each space, as well as any bigger problems that need addressing, such as a broken fixture or graffiti.

In addition, make sure your waste and recycling receptacles are placed where visitors will use them, such as near entrances and exits. Keep a close eye on these receptacles, and note if any are filling up quickly. By paying attention to how often you're emptying the trash and recycling, you'll be able to adjust with larger or smaller receptacles, or by moving them to a site where they'll be more likely to be used.

Most facilities are getting back to normal operations after a couple of years of mask-wearing, social distancing and other impacts on operations. But hygiene and health should still be a top priority.

Consider using disinfecting products when you clean, and provide antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers for your guests.

Look for a supplier that can provide you with all of the cleaning supplies you'll need in one stop, and it will be simple to ensure your supply closet has all the essentials needed to keep your facility looking its best.