Manage Equipment at Rec, Sports & Fitness Centers

Two essential goals for recreational sports centers and fitness clubs are to ensure that the facility is appealing for members, and to make operations efficient for staff members. Solutions that help streamline operations can help hit both of these targets.

Sports Equipment

Many facilities host a wide variety of sports and fitness programs, with equipment requirements varying from program to program. Keeping everything organized and out of sight when not in use is essential, but you also want it to be simple to locate. A wheeled storage cart that can be rolled out when needed then put away when the program is finished makes it easy to manage equipment needs.

Carts are available in a wide variety of colors, and you can even add a logo to boost team spirit. You can easily match your facility's aesthetic, or you can go one step further and color-code your storage system, making it easier for staff to find the right cart. For example, you could use a blue cart for functional fitness items, and a yellow cart for basketball supplies. Instead of looking cart by cart, staff can simply walk into your equipment storage area, find the right color cart and wheel it to where it's needed.

Locker Room Services

Your locker rooms might not be the first thing you think about when planning to make your facility more attractive to members, but when designed well and kept neat, these essential areas can have a dramatic impact on how people view your facility.

Staff members should regularly check on locker rooms to be sure everything is in working order, toiletries are filled and any messes are cleaned up, but you can also encourage guests to help

keep things clean.

If you have a towel service, a mobile collection cart can serve as a towel station, providing clean towels as well as a place to discard dirty ones, keeping the mess contained.

The cart should be big enough to handle your needs, with wheels to make it easy for staff to roll the cart to the proper location when your facility opens for the day. When you're ready to collect the dirty towels for laundering, you can simply wheel them where needed.

Signage on the cart will help patrons know which towels are fresh and clean, as well as where to leave their used towels.



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