Don't Forget Some Shelter

When planning the layout of a park or site, there are so many considerations. As you weigh your options, be sure not to leave out one of the most crucial elements of your future site's success at welcoming visitors—shelter!

Your park might have a big beautiful playground, with ballfields, walkways and lots of other amenities, but people need an area to relax out of the elements. People visiting your site will stay longer and come back more often if you provide a little respite from the weather and hot sun.

Shelters and shade structures should be a part of your park design plans from the very beginning, as these essential elements will be natural gathering spaces that will affect the flow of people to various areas of your site.

The Right Fit

Whether you are looking for a single shelter solution or a variety of solutions that will coordinate with one another and your site, you can turn to premanufactured shelters and structures.

Your options are extensive: Formal gazebo with railings or rustic wood picnic shelter? A series of smaller shelters or one big central pavilion? You'll want to choose shelters and other structures that will fit the aesthetic of your site, whether it's a suburban park with ample playgrounds and ballfields or a more formal setting in the midst of a downtown business district.

While many solutions are available right out of shelter manufacturers' catalogs, many also offer a variety of customization options to allow you to make a choice that truly suits your site. For example, you can choose ornamentation options that put the spotlight on your local history or geography.

In addition to your park's aesthetic, you should consider the prevailing climate of your area. Heavy snows and salt air will both have an impact on the materials you choose, so be sure to ask about the best materials for your specific environment.

Don't Forget

Picnic shelters can be the perfect venue for family gatherings, day camp programs, barbecues and more. If your shelters will be in high demand, you should consider setting up a reservation system.

You can also go one step further and add power and lighting options, which will expand the types of activities you can promote on your site. Solar packages can make it simple to add power.



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