Expand Your Dog Park & Earn Revenues

Over the past 10 years, dog parks have consistently been among the top 10 planned amenities for parks.

A dog park can be as simple as a fenced-in enclosure, or it can be more complex, but all of them provide secure areas where dogs-and their owners-can socialize and play. If you're looking to add a dog park, or expand your existing one, consider going beyond the basics to provide pet owners some extra amenities.

Beyond the Basics

Adding agility elements, shade and seating for pet owners, and water fountains designed for both people and pets can help make your dog park more attractive. Self-serve pet wash stations are another way to expand your offerings, and add the benefit of generating revenue to support your park.

Easy to install, pet wash stations can be placed just about anywhere with utility hookups, including a drain, electricity and water. Park-friendly models with built-in pet drinking fountains are available that use a natural color palette, allowing them to fit right in to your park's aesthetic. Pet wash stations arrive already assembled, making them simple to install.

Coin-operated pet wash stations are simple for owners to use and can generate revenues that will allow you to expand your park and provide more amenities to pets and their people.

A variety of colors are available, and you can even add logos or other marketing information, enabling you to generate even more revenues through partnerships with pet-friendly companies in the area.

A vending machine with treats, shampoos and other offerings will also allow you to further boost your dog park revenues.

If startup costs are a challenge, you can install your pet wash station on a revenue-sharing basis.

Other Considerations

Don't forget the importance of accessibility! Look for pet wash stations that comply to requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure guests are able to use the system too. There should be plenty of room for wheelchairs, and buttons on spray controls should be easy to operate.



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