Create a Water-Based Family Entertainment Center

Undeveloped, unused or under-utilized land, such as an old quarry or industrial site, offers a unique opportunity to create a water-based family entertainment center, allowing you to generate revenue and wow community members.

Create a Plan

Consider partnering with recreation experts to enhance your community with a destination that will attract visitors of all ages. With a water-based family entertainment center, you'll have new ways to generate revenue.

First, you need to build a team to help transform these locations into destinations for local culture, commerce and conviviality by creating a master plan. Include experienced park planners who know how to develop recreation sites, from knowing the most popular land- and water-based recreational amenities to understanding traffic flow, construction costs, and determining a phased approach to project planning.

Consider establishing a business model to help support your park for the long run. An experienced planner will have ideas about generating revenue to help your park pay for itself, through admission fees, concessions, equipment rentals and more.

Develop Your Space

Whether you have an existing body of water or you're building a recreation pond from scratch, you'll want to consider adding activities to the water. Inflatable water features provide excitement for visitors, as well as an eye-catching draw for those passing by. Stand-up paddleboards, kayaks and pedal boats are also popular waterfront activities.

To accompany your water fun, you'll also want to develop land-based recreation. Start by providing comfortable amenities that will encourage your guests to stay longer (ultimately increasing your revenue). Shelters and cabanas, picnic areas or shade structures get guests out of the hot sun. Equip your site with plenty of seating and benches for guests who want to take in all the activity or oversee the little ones at play.

You also should consider more active land-based amenities, such as pedal karts, playgrounds or even a splashpad.



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