Eco-Friendly Pool Sanitization

Ensuring your pool is properly sanitized is an essential part of any aquatic facility manager's daily work. But the costs and safety and environmental issues around pool chemicals can present challenges.

Be Safe

Bulk chlorine can present safety challenges, requiring hazmat trucks and special permits. You can avoid having to transport and store bulk chlorine when you rely on onsite chlorine generation.

With a salt-chlorine generator, you simply add small amounts of salt as needed to the pool. As the water flows through the salt chlorine generator cell, an electric current between positively and negatively charged plates creates sodium hypochlorite, a near-neutral pH form of chlorine.

Another option is a chlorine generator based on the same principle, but that doesn't require you to add salt to the pool. Instead, the salt is stored in a vat to produce sodium hypochlorite, which is then injected into the pool's water.

When you generate your own chlorine on site, you eliminate the need to buy, transport, store and handle chemically unstable bulk chlorine in any form, and the price volatility that can go along with it. And with an advanced on-site system that reuses pool water to create chlorine, you'll reduce your requirements for both salt and fresh water.

Because the chlorine generated by these systems is pH-neutral, you also will be able to eliminate many of the pool chemicals typically used to stabilize pH levels, which will also reduce your operating costs.

You can find systems sized to produce just the right amount of chlorine to meet your specific pool's needs, whether you have one small pool or multiple pools in a single location.

Eco-Friendly Option

Many recreation, park and other aquatic organizations have made it a part of their mission to ensure their facilities are environmentally friendly. Generating your own chlorine on-site allows you to take steps toward this mission by reducing the need for chlorine and other pool chemicals, as well as reducing your water usage.

Traditional chlorination systems add unwanted TDS to the pool, which is typically solved with frequent dilution. Systems that generate chlorine from the pool water do not add unwanted TDS, helping reduce your need for water and other chemicals.