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Place Bell in Laval, Quebec


A new multipurpose complex opened up in September in Laval, Quebec, Canada—one that was designed to accommodate a range of sporting events.

The new facility, called Place Bell, features a 10,000-seat arena with an NHL-compliant ice rink that also can be converted into a performance amphitheatre. The stadium has a 2,500-seat Olympic speed and figure skating arena, as well as a regular, 500-seat skating rink, both of which are accessible to the public and sports organizations.

What's more, Place Bell is the new home of the Laval Rocket, an American Hockey League (AHL) team that is affiliated with the Montreal Canadiens.

Lemay and CannonDesign, both architecture firms, designed the new facility as part of a design-build project that was driven by Pomerleau, a construction company in Quebec. The new community resource benefited from an integrated design approach and the use of technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Visual Design and Construction).

Place Bell is a multifunctional venue that elevates stadium design. And, it is set to become one of Quebec's most in-demand sports and entertainment destinations, with reasons including the following:

  • Place Bell represents the height of contemporary design strategies that merges architectural form, technology, urban design and landscape architecture. Lemay and CannonDesign used the latest technologies and expertise to make the project a success.
  • In addition to being able to offer a number of rinks for skating and hockey, Place Bell can transform its 10,000-seat hockey arena into an elite performance and concert venue. The building and its infrastructure design allow for a quick turnaround from one event to another, to host almost any type of performance.
  • Besides hockey and concerts, Place Bell is designed to accommodate the theatrical and technical needs of complex shows as well, such as those of Cirque Du Soleil.
  • What's more, Place Bell offers exceptional views for all guests and a world-class audio-visual offering that delivers a level of lighting and sound quality that's never been seen before in Quebec.



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