inPERSPECTIVE / FITNESS: Re-Imagining a Vital Industry

Who wants a boring exercise program? No one, of course. Motivating clients should be the center of every interaction we have! This is why all aspects of the fitness industry need to be working together more than ever to ensure that their members and clients don't lose interest. By doing this, you will help strengthen your revenues and profits.


As facility owners and operators and fitness professionals, we need to constantly find ways to deliver an experience that is both effective and enjoyable for our clients. An experience succeeds when it is easy for members and clients to stay consistent, while also providing variety and progression. Keeping clients regularly and actively involved in our facilities and engaged in our programs are additional keys for achieving success.

Even in the best of times, keeping the client experience engaging and exciting is a challenge. Now more than ever, during the COVID-19 era, the obstacles have become even bigger and more important.

Two major factors have swept into the industry. First, because of COVID-19, the fitness industry has suffered long shutdowns. Secondly, the pandemic has caused both a price surge and fulfillment issues for commercial equipment, changing the profit equation for the owners, operators and fitness professionals who want to provide great experiences and value for their clients.

With these obstacles and prices high, what should we do?

We need high-quality, highly effective training solutions. More than ever, we absolutely need made-in-America equipment for efficient shipping and delivery times.

With so many facilities closed permanently or less appealing for clients, COVID-19 has taught us another lesson: We need to pivot and provide equipment that is easily portable, without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

Most importantly, the training methods and equipment used by the industry to help clients need to deliver an experience that members and clients can feel, appreciate and be excited to use all the time.

For a combination of portable tools that deliver an exciting, high-quality experience, there are some award-winning products that garner the industry's respect and fit all of the needs spoken of above. An all-in-one system such as the CoreStrength 1 brings a multitude of benefits. Those benefits increase with the addition of product attachments like Kayezen Vector and Lebert products like Equalizer and the buddy system.


Together these products represent a terrific solution. These tools provide a unique training experience and a common bond in application. Plus, they are extremely functional, meaning the exercises are multiplanar. The portable tools consist of strength, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises that can be done by just one person alone, or as many as eight people in a single session.

All areas of the fitness and wellness markets can make use of these products, from trainers and gyms to community centers, schools, sports teams, the military, physio and rehab. They also allow for both indoor and outdoor workouts.

This all-in-one system can bring other unique and needed aspects as well, such as mobility, portability and social distancing when and where required. Individually and together, they bring a much needed financial viability to help build revenue by the pricing and ability to increase training and class/group options.

While many feel that the fitness and recreation industries are facing hard times, to the contrary, with the right tools and fitness equipment in place, there are great opportunities to get more people than ever involved in a regular exercise program.

As fitness and recreation professionals, we have the ability to take a proactive and creative approach to developing programs that address people's needs and concerns. RM



Jaime Cameron is founder and CEO of CoreStrength1. Since he became part of our industry, his passion for the betterment of one's health and business has been his priority. For more than three decades, Kevin Steele, Ph.D., has worked with fitness industry leaders to create fitness education platforms and personal training programs.