Waterpark & Splash Play Products

AquatixPower Up the Play

Discover AquaSmart® Packages, and save energy, water and space. These packages by Aquatix® are powered by HydroLogix®, which eliminates the need for costly electrical installation and operates with just the push of a button. This low-flow, low-water option greatly reduces water consumption while providing plenty of opportunities for splashtastic play. Choose from several ready-to-install packages.

Aquatix: 877-632-0503

Water OdysseyAdd Some Fun

Fun Forms Aqua Slides™ are great additions to any aquatic play setting. Suitable for all types of pools, including zero entry/beach entry. Now with more than 40 different, brightly themed, hand-detailed designs. Various sizes for ages 2 to 5 and 5 to 12 years. Fun for toddlers to tweens. Custom designs are also available to add a theme to aquatic facilities.

Water Odyssey: 512-392-1155

Life FloorBright Possibilities

Life Floor brightens up splash pads with safer surfaces and bolder design possibilities. Engineered specifically for aquatic play, the foam-rubber tiles transform facilities worldwide with custom design and theming opportunities. Industry-leading traction, cushioning and durability have earned Life Floor the status as the first and only product certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 50:26 for safety surfacing in aquatic play areas.

Life Floor: 612-567-2813

Empex WatertoysA Tropical Theme

Empex Watertoys designed a new splash park specifically for the new Centara Mirage Beach resort in Dubai, with colorful, interactive water features and attractions. The features are unique, with the Aquadunker being the central feature with its big bucket. A toddler slide is included. The interactive spiral spray on the Aquabloom invites children to merry-go-round the base.

Empex Watertoys: 905-649-5047

Fountain PeopleSpray Sequence

The FIAC-2000 Series Fountain-in-a-Can is a “pour in place” assembly containing a programmable (on-off) Hydro-Valve™ spray effect and 360-degree illuminating LED light fixture. The assembly can be utilized for waterpark features or interactive splash pads. The patent-pending manual adjustment valve allows for the effect height to be adjusted from the top plate without having to enter the can.

Fountain People: 512-393-5263

Vortex AquaticHow Refreshing!

Glomist is a whimsical, sustainable water feature for Splashpads or urban refresh zones. As cities tackle heat waves, Glomist provides misty water jets to create a refreshing experience for everyone in the community. LEDs offer an ambient glow through a graphic pattern, adding a layer of fun and interest at night. An optional feature enables integrated activation in 30 seconds.

Vortex Aquatic Structures: 877-586-7839

zipZip On In

The AquaZip’N® combines the thrill of a zip line with an old-fashioned rope swing. Launching riders into the water quickly, AquaZip’N® keeps the line moving with a proprietary self-retracting trolley. It requires little deck space and doesn’t interfere with normal lap swimming. With a minimum water depth requirement of 4 feet, AquaZip’N® is a safer alternative to diving boards, energizing under-utilized areas of the pool.

Poolside Adventures: 800-956-6692

WhitewaterCool Fusion

Making its debut this year at Soaky Mountain Waterpark in Tennessee, Blasterango Battle has quickly become recognizable in the attractions industry. The waterslide fuses the mega drops and uphill blasts of Master Blaster with the indescribable zero-gravity sensation of Boomerango. Configured in two side-by-side racing lanes, riders compete against friends and family for interactive fun that encourages repeat ridership.

Whitewater: 604-273-1068

VIP SolutionsAdaptable Entry

High-Rise is a child-seat adapter for an adult-sized wheelchair to accommodate children ages 3 to 10. Child’s head is above water at pool depth of 36 inches. It has rotating shoulder supports that adapt to the child. A torso belt and removable slip strap are included. Folds flat for storage.

VIP Solutions LLC: 800-726-8620

Connect Your Community

FlowRiderBring your community together with the joy of a FlowRider®. Stationary wave machines give your community members a fun way to exercise while connecting with friends. Keep patrons coming back repeatedly with the skill-based nature of flowboarding. Improve your community’s vitality and connection with a reliable stationary wave machine.

FlowRider: 619-241-2517

Natural StructuresSplash! Spray! Play!

Add a Natural Structures Spray Park and Water Playground to your facility and watch your yearly profits increase. Create your own spray park by mixing and matching different spray features and theme slides. Hundreds of options are available. Natural Structures offers a low-cost, high-quality solution to entice new customers and families. Discover flexibility and fun for your facility.

Natural Structures: 800-252-8475

SR Scales by SR InstrumentsWeigh In

SR “Purpose-Built” scales are designed specifically for waterparks to keep lines moving quickly and safely. Using a GO/NO GO light system that provides attendants a tool to quickly and decisively qualify riders while minimizing guest embarrassment and the potential for confrontations. Scales can be configured with ride manufacturers’ safety recommendations for high and low weight limits.

SR Scales by SR Instruments: 716-693-5977

Safety GripGet a Grip

Safety Grip is the original handrail cover for pools, spas and more. Made in the USA, Safety Grip handrail covers are the perfect accessory for your oasis, designed to keep everyone safe. Safety Grip handrail covers protect from UV-heated rails, reduce slipping from water and oils, and also enhance your aesthetics. Dealer pricing and company logo options available.

Safety Grip: 888-212-4987