Playground Equipment & Safety Surfaces

BCI BurkeInnovation Comes to Life

Creating adventure in an unexpected place, Innova® Bridge injects fun and surprises into each and every environment. Kids love the rocking bridge that provides a fun experience while helping children develop balance, coordination, communication and social skills. The Innova Bridge brings everyone together at the heart of the action and provides a true universal play experience for children of all abilities.

BCI Burke: 800-266-1250

swingStart Swinging

American Swing Products has been in the industry for more than 20 years for a reason. American Swing Products offers competitive prices with free same-day shipping. No matter if you need a normal belt seat or a modern ADA seat—American Swing Products has you covered.

American Swing Products: 800-433-2573

Surface AmericaSurfaces, Coast-to-Coast

Since 1993, Surface America has completed thousands of recreational and athletic projects and installed millions of square feet of surfacing and flooring for facilities at every level of play, competition and training. Using its own coast-to-coast network of certified specialty contractors and installation crews, Surface America incorporates the best material components available and features engineered characteristics specific to maximum performance and safety.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

Rubber DesignsSpherical Fun

Rubber playground surface spheres for innovative spaces are available in three standard full and half sizes and multiple color options. Pigmented using organic powder color coating methods that will not delaminate over time. Sealed with a specially formulated polymer agent that bonds pigments into the rubber, Gezoflex EPDM granules are used to create options from bright solids to special blends for specific color themes.

Rubber Designs: 877-978-2237

GameTimeEveryone’s Net

GTWave™ is the industry’s first inclusive playground net. It features a transfer platform attached to an accessible route to a six-foot slide. Children of all abilities experience a wide range of play adventures and physical, social-emotional and cognitive skill development. It measures more than 30 feet long, 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Your community will love this massive, inclusive net climber.

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Zeager BrosReduce Maintenance

Ideal for high-use areas and equipment entry/exit points. Zero-Fill TuffMat® provides fall protection with zero added maintenance. Fastening mechanisms keep the mats in place. Installs directly on the playground subbase with WoodCarpet® engineered wood fiber filled around it. No need to move the mat when topping-off or doing routine maintenance. Standard sizes for swings, slides and spinners available.

Zeager Bros.: 800-346-8524

DuraPlayFall Protection

The DuraPlay Surfacing System is a durable, maintenance-free safety surface that ensures consistent fall protection for playgrounds. This seamless, slip-resistant and impact-absorbing surface is poured on-site by experienced technicians. It is available in a wide variety of colors that can be used alone or combined to produce unlimited designs, adding play value to playgrounds coast to coast.

DuraPlay: 512-847-2473

PlayMaxNeed Information?

The PlayMax Tech Center makes it easy to find surfacing specifications, detail drawings, color samples and AS™ data at the click of a button. Dozens of documents are available for MaxPour®, MaxPour® Supreme, EcoMax® PlayTurf™, PolyMax® and SplashMax®. For data like this, you’d expect to search numerous websites, but PlayMax has got you covered—all in one place.

PlayMax Surfacing Inc.: 951-250-6039

Superior Recreational ProductsPlay Made Easy

Play made easy—that’s Superior Recreational Products’ mission. Superior Recreational Products is one company that provides all the products you need to build your park playground, including play equipment and surfacing. Their goal is to create well-rounded play environments that bring communities together and encourage them to play, relax and live.

Superior Recreational Products: 866-699-4339

Cre8PlayGo Natural

Deep Woods, Cre8Play’s latest addition to its product lineup, highlights the company’s commitment to detail and realism. This immersive nature-themed collection is built to withstand extreme conditions and offers different levels of unique challenges for all. Choose from a variety of climbers, bridges, decks, toppers and slides for endless combinations of play. Check out the single-post Tree Fort Deck, an industry first.

Cre8Play: 612-670-8195

Percussion PlayMaking Music

The Soprano Quartet Ensemble harmoniously combines four outdoor musical instruments made of varying materials that produce different sounds and effects. Instantly bringing an inclusive and sensory element to play spaces, this clever ensemble allows players of different ages and abilities to express themselves, have fun, get creative and make music together in the great outdoors regardless of musical experience.

Percussion Play: 866-882-9170

Flecks SystemsCushion Their Fall

Flecks® Systems TPR safety surfaces and patented EnviroFluff® cushion layer, used in playgrounds, splash pads, waterparks, pool decks, etc., provide long-term safety, and are resistant to UV, heat and chlorinated water. Flecks offers an array of products and safety surfaces for all types of applications, including Deck Flecks®, Water Flecks®, Play Flecks®, FlecksCast™ TPR Broadcast System and FlecksCoat™ rubberized nonskid coating.

Flecks Systems: 833-435-3257

Landrec PlayspacesCustom Playspaces

Landrec is your home for play. Have a vision or story you want told through play structures, splash pads or site furnishings? Landrec makes your dreams come true with turnkey design and fabrication. Landrec’s artistic and inclusive design values encompass all abilities and meet ASTM/ADA standards. Landrec’s playspaces are eco-friendly and made in the USA.

Landrec Playspaces: 800-577-8093