AGS Introduces EdgeRider Mini Golf

(Orlando, FL) – EdgeRider™ Mini Golf is the name of a new pre-designed nine- or 18-hole portable modular mini golf course featuring a new miniature golf ball edge transfer system, changing the way a ball is played on miniature golf holes. The product with this new edge system technology is being introduced by Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS) at the 2022 IAAPA Expo Nov. 15 – 18 in Orlando, Florida, Booth #4867. “Guests putt golf balls that can ride along a curvilinear rubber edge, allowing the ball to travel more evenly and for longer distances without bumpy edges,” says Scott Lundmark, AGS president. “This allows the ball to zing from one edge to another, if hit properly.”

According to AGS, EdgeRider courses feature the new edge technology applied to their patented interlocking panel modular system. The edge technology can also be used on concrete golf courses where the owner seeks to replace a brick edge or provide a smooth edge inside an artificial rock edge. This ball transfer design is not new, as AGS offer specialty obstacles such as the Vortex and ‘Return to Me’ which can immediately change ball direction. “However, the EdgeRider system goes well beyond those obstacles,” says Scott Lundmark. “EdgeRider makes it possible for a ball to travel the length of a hole changing direction up to two or maybe three or four times, depending upon the speed. The proprietary extruded flexible rubber edge enables two ways for ball transfer. First with an edge mount and secondly with a center-mount attached on a fairway or green location.”

The ball transfer possibilities are endless, according to the AGS design staff. A ball can transfer from an edge to a center mount or vice versa, from edge to edge, from center mount to center mount or other combinations. EdgeRider creates many routes and surprises as a ball moves from tee to green allowing up to six routes to the hole cup.

"Since the 1950s, many courses have relied on geometric designs where a player putts a ball, which then caroms off one or more golf hole edges, changing direction as it seeks a hole-in-one,” comments AGS chief designer Arne Lundmark. “In the past 30 years, course design has become less geometric and more curvilinear with free-flowing designs, curved bumps and topography that guide a well-aimed ball to its destination.

"The EdgeRider system relies on a science concept called ‘curvilinear motion,’ which is the motion in which the velocity of a body is variable, and the path of the body is in a curved line. Examples of objects moving in a curved path include a curving basketball, roller coaster, racetrack, and now miniature golf. It’s exciting for Adventure Golf & Sports to offer this new way to play, and our team believes everything is possible in the world and science of miniature golf,” concludes Arne Lundmark.

"This new way to play is one of the reasons why AGS is the world’s most successful supplier of miniature golf products and services,” continues Scott Lundmark. “Our ongoing R & D program includes a new warehouse prototype workshop where design and fabrication teams

intersect and develop new tricks to create mini golf fun.”

Both nine- and 18-hole courses with putters and balls are available. A typical nine-hole ADA compliant course uses approximately 1,800 square feet. The product can be installed as a temporary or permanent mini golf installation, indoors or outdoors, on a cruise ship deck, on rooftop venues or even used at special events. For more information and pricing on the nine- or 18-hole packages, email [email protected] or call (231) 922-8166.

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