Fitness Equipment

Aqua Creek ProductsAquatic Exercise

When you’re looking for revenue-generating aquatic programming that engages participants, accommodates a wide variety of users and offers a workout that’s both therapeutic and rigorous, look no further than Aqua Creek Pool Bikes. When you choose Aqua Creek Products, you choose the best warranties in the industry, exceptional customer service and high-quality products handcrafted in Montana.

Aqua Creek Products: 888-687-3552

Commercial Recreation SpecialistsFuel Some Fun

From small pools to wide-open lakes and more, Commercial Recreation Specialists designs Aqua Parks that fit your environment and attract guests. Connected components create engaging challenge courses to test your guests’ athletic skills. Each Aqua Park piece features different activities and challenges to expand your customer base and, ultimately, make great memories.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

Fitness on demandFitness When You Need It

SO1O by FitnessonDemand is a brand-new, all-in-one virtual fitness station that makes world-class digital workouts available to your members at the touch of a screen. The 43-inch mirrored touch screen can easily mount anywhere in your facility to instantly activate the space with hundreds of self-guided workouts for individual members or small group training.

Fitness on Demand: 877-474-0505

Claim Victory

BCI BurkeBurke’s ELEVATE® Fitness Course is an obstacle course designed to bring exercise outdoors for more adventure, movement and “ninja” style training for everyone. The Victory Wall is the latest addition and brings challenge, excitement and a whole new level of fun. The Victory Wall begs to be conquered and, as a reward, users can ring the bell before sliding down.

BCI Burke: 800-266-1250


Landscape Structures Inc.Encourage Active Lifestyles

Landscape Structures makes the benefits of a fitness facility accessible to everyone with HealthBeat Circuit™ Activated by FitLot®. The circular design and open layout make HealthBeat Circuit a perfect space for community circuit training classes, and the equipment combination creates a fully functional fitness space that can be used for a variety of training methods.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-438-6574

ActionFit by UltraSiteThink Outside the Gym

ActionFit by UltraSite encourages healthy, active outdoor exercise while addressing the critical five elements of fitness: aerobic, muscle strength, balance, flexibility, and core. ActionFit emulates equipment found in gyms but is built to last outdoors.

ActionFit by UltraSite: 800-458-5872

Head Rush TechnologiesKeep Climbing

The best auto belay in the world just got better. TRUBLUE iQ+ is the next standard in auto-belay technology, with built-in durability, smart climb technology and the patented magnetic braking system that climbers trust. Best of all, TRUBLUE iQ+ is the first and only auto belay equipped with Catch-and-Hold Technology, giving climbers the rest they need to finish their favorite routes.

Head Rush Technologies: 720-565-6885

GymValetClean Up

GymValet® is a specially designed holder that attaches sanitizer spray bottles and towels directly onto cardio and strength equipment with a unique Velcro® strap attachment system. Expect to save more than 95% on sanitizing costs vs. disposable wipes and paper towels with the GymValet system. And you’ll eliminate ugly and expensive disposable waste. Your members and staff will love the convenience.

GymValet: 866-435-2009

PrecorStep It Up

Turn small steps into giant leaps with the all-new Precor StairClimber. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the StairClimber has undergone 30 different tests and more than 10,000 hours of lab and field testing. The result? Features that ensure a premium, dependable fitness experience for all. Ready to take your fitness to the next level?

Precor: 800-786-8404

Helix FitnessStrength + Cardio

Unlike traditional cardio, Helix® simultaneously targets inner and outer thighs, glutes and core, delivering sculpting results normally achieved via weight and aerobic training combined. Ten-plus years of clinical testing demonstrates it activates more muscles and burns more fat. Plus, it’s not just safe for knees and hips, but actually used by PTs to rehab after injury, building strong joints.

Helix Fitness Inc.: 888-435-4926

Outdoor-Fit Exercise SystemsAll Ages, All Levels

Adjustable resistance-based exercises can accommodate people of all ages and fitness levels, and the APOLLO Multigym features the first-ever outdoor weight stack system. This adjustable weight stack system is ASTM-approved and allows users to choose a weight from 10 to 100 pounds in 10-pound increments. This station delivers dozens of upper-body, lower-body and abdominal exercises.

Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems Inc.: 877-760-6337

Get Fit!

Kidstuff PlaysystemsThis Fitness Center (#7447-161) includes a loop overhead ladder, ring trek, turning bar, log roll, climbing net and mobius climber. Plenty of activities to keep kids active and moving.

Kidstuff Playsystems: 800-255-0153