Sports Surfaces, Turf & Flooring

Kiefer USAWeight-Resistant

With its exceptional shock absorption, Mondo Sport Impact is engineered to withstand the heavy weights and sports equipment used in strength training and conditioning. Designed for use in free weight platforms and in intensive weight and conditioning areas, this non-porous, antibacterial surface is easy to maintain and provides maximum performance.

Kiefer USA: 800-322-5448

Synthetic SurfacesHigh Grab Turf Adhesives

NORDOT® one-part adhesives are the informed professional’s first choice for installing synthetic turf athletic fields, recreational and aquatic surfaces. They are easy to apply and highly trusted for their exceptional “green strength” (grab), outstanding water resistance and superior long-term durability in all climates and conditions. NORDOT® adhesives can be used year-round.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Sport SurfacePlay On

Sport Surface Specialties’ Synthetic Turf product resembles natural grass and is constructed to last years and years without the maintenance requirements of natural grass. It is easy to clean and safe for multiple types of play areas. Utilize this artificial grass product for playgrounds, dog parks and any other recreation area.

Sport Surface Specialties: 716-652-2039

Sport CourtSafety & Playability

Sport Court’s® PowerGame+’s unmatched safety and playability make it the perfect court for championship competitions around the world and for backyard athletes at home. The surface has been tested and measured to have improved shock absorption, reduced risk of injury impact and the best combination of abrasion protection and dry traction.

Sport Court: 800-421-8112

MateflexComfort on the Court

TopCourt is specifically engineered from the ground up for tennis court resurfacing to enhance performance and provide excellent durability and value. TopCourt interlocking court tiles also function as pickleball court tiles and can be used for other applications as well, combining comfort with resiliency to support athletic play.

Mateflex: 800-926-3539

Ecore AthleticStay Focused & Slip-Free

Ecore’s RageTurf Collection features a dense, textured polyethylene surface, and is ideal for agility training and sled work. With no infill required, RageTurf products can be placed indoors in functional training and other spaces beyond the weight room. Let Ecore’s performance flooring be the foundation for your success.

Ecore Athletic: 866-795-2732

SnapSportsReady for Pickleball?

Working in collaboration with players of all levels, SnapSports has developed a new material formulation specifically for pickleball courts: SnapSports PickleGrip™ Pickleball Surfacing. This patent-pending polymer provides increased grip for the pickleball, more traction for players and better ball bounce, more consistency and traction in damp conditions.

SnapSports Athletic Surfaces: 800-664-3865

FlooringBrighten Up

Life Floor can brighten up any pool deck or splash pad with safer surfaces and bolder design possibilities. Engineered specifically for aquatics, Life Floor’s foam-rubber tiles combine safety, comfort, durability and design. Life Floor is the first and only product certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 50:26 for aquatic safety surfacing.

Life Floor: 612-567-2813

beam clayPlay Ball!

Beam Clay® infield mixes are the standard of excellence for baseball and softball surfaces. Various grades available, plus pitcher’s mound and batter’s box clay and red warning tracks. Beam Clay® supplies more than 10,000 products for all sports and has special co-op pricing for all 50 states.

Beam Clay: 800-247-BEAM (2326)

Aacer Sports FlooringHigh-Performing Hardwood

Aacer Sports Flooring, a MFMA Certified Mill, manufactures high-performance hardwood flooring and subfloor systems for the sports and recreation industry. Aacer’s floor systems encompass all ages and levels of play worldwide. Their experience and knowledge of the market allows them to provide unique and standard hardwood athletic floor installations.

Aacer Sports Flooring: 877-582-118

Abacus Sports InstallationsMultiple-Use Flooring

Padenpour – Abacus Sports – is a resilient pad and pour flooring system designed for multiple uses, including gymnasiums, meeting rooms, indoor/outdoor running tracks and more. Abacus’s goal is to support athletes by giving them surfaces to train on that promote well-being and strength while reducing the chance of injury.

Abacus Sports Installations Ltd.: 800-821-4557

A-TurfDurability, Safety, Value

A-Turf® fields feature superior system design through generous specifications, best-quality material components and installation craftsmanship. The Titan system yields a lifecycle of 14 years, with the longest warranty—12 years. Invest in A-Turf’s durability and safety record and deliver unmatched value to your community.

A-Turf: 888-777-6910

Stockmeier UrethanesFor Rubberized Surfacing

Stockmeier Urethanes is committed to developing and producing high-quality polyurethane-based solutions that fit the need of every rubberized surfacing project. The company provides products from binders and sealers to topcoats and line paints for indoor and outdoor surfacing projects where EPDM and other elastomers are used, from running tracks and gymnasiums to playgrounds.

Stockmeier Urethanes USA Inc.: 304-624-7002

Action Floor SystemsPlay Pickleball!

The Action Herculan PB (Pickleball) Pro Series are eco-friendly, seamless and cushioned with point elastic properties for performance and durability. Once installed, the systems are easy to maintain and have an exceptionally long life. Designed with exceptional energy restitution and a textured slip-resistant surface that gives true ball response.

Action Floor Systems: 800-746-3512