Waterfront & Marina Products

Commercial Recreation SpecialistsLet the Good Times Roll

Bring an energizing combination of balance, speed and agility to your waterfront with the Key Log rolling log. Training fins help everyone go from rookie to pro, and at only 65 pounds, the Key Log is easy to transport from waterfront to waterfront.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442

Kay Park RecreationCruisin’

Kay Pedal Cruisers have outstanding construction for commercial or rental use. Fiberglass deck and pontoon shells, all self-draining, regreasable bearings, specially designed paddle wheel and rudder offer great operation, with little to no maintenance.

Kay Park Recreation: 800-553-2476

VIP Solutions LLCGet Around

The AQ-1000 Beach & Trail Wheelchair requires less effort when turning on many terrains, including sand. Proprietary aluminum forks and bushings never use grease or oil. The wheelchair has a simple design and weight distribution with a rear brake. Weight capacity is 350 pounds.

VIP Solutions LLC: 800-726-8620


Rocky Mountain SunscreenHere Comes the Sun

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is the most convenient and cost-effective way to protect your staff from the sun. The superior bonding base formula interlocks with skin, allowing it to stay on better and last longer. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is fragrance-free, reef-friendly and provides lasting protection while swimming.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen: 888-356-8899

Fun, Fun, Fun

Aqua-Cycles™ is the company that brings you the Big Wheeled Water Tricycle. Whether on the beach, at a dock, on a pier or at a lake, Aqua-Cycles™ will help you establish or grow your rental business and generate a big revenue. Aqua-Cycles™ are fun for the whole family.

Aquatic Adventures International Inc.: 800-970-2688

Aquatic AccessTicket to Ride

Aquatic Access offers Dock Lifts, custom-designed for each installation, depending on purpose, reach and rotation desired. Go from docks to boats or to water. Usual weight capacity is 300 pounds, with higher capacities available. Download Dimensional Worksheet from the website. Non-electric: City water pressure provides the lifting power.

Aquatic Access Inc.: 502-425-5817

Row, Row, Row

Connect-A-DockThe YAKport® Kayak Launch is a personal paddle sport launch perfect for kayaks, canoes and paddleboards. It provides a safe and stable cradle for boarding and unloading with accessories and attachments for fixed and floating docks. Connect-A-Dock also offers customizable floating docks, PWC ports and more.

Connect-A-Dock: 877-742-3071

Good Vibrations

Tropical ExpressionsTropical Expressions has been manufacturing the most realistic artificial palm trees for more than 32 years. Beach resorts and marinas looking for that tropical look use these products to attract customers. Tropical Expressions’ Queen Palm Trees are UV Rated and maintenance-free in all climates.

Tropical Expressions Inc.: 732-899-1733