Pool & Aquatic Equipment

LaMotte CoMeasure Up

The waterproof, Bluetooth ColorQ 2x PRO 7 Kit photometer directly measures free chlorine (DPD), total chlorine (DPD), bromine (DPD), pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid directly on a digital display. The ColorQ 2x eliminates the need to visually determine slight color variations using an innovative dual-optic design.

LaMotte Co.: 800-344-3100

Lo-Chlor specialty ChemicalsEnhance Your Pool’s Water

Choose Salt Master for the ideal blend of pool water-enhancing agents made specifically for salt pools. Just one weekly dose reduces the need for acid, boosts performance and decreases the frequency of necessary balance adjustments and cleanings. This special formula prevents scale buildup on generator cells, pool equipment and surfaces.

Lo-Chlor Specialty Chemicals: 800-491-9810

SUITMATE by Extractor corpCustomize Your Favorite Amenity

Introducing the SUITMATE® Select program from Extractor Corp. SUITMATE® Select allows you to customize the case of your SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor. Promote your brand, your team, your colors, your design—it’s your SUITMATE. All the benefits of the original, personalized for your facility.

SUITMATE® by Extractor Corp.: 800-553-3353

Aqua Creek ProductsInto the Pool

With the new and improved Scout Excel, your patrons can focus more on enjoying a day at the pool, and less about how they’ll get there. In addition to the new direct-drive rotation motor, you can choose from a number of custom colors to really personalize your lift.

Aqua Creek Products: 800-687-3552

ChlorKingEnergy-Efficient Chlorine

ChlorKing has added switch mode power supplies to selected NEXGEN on-site chlorine generators to increase efficiency and energy savings. Systems use pool water and salt to automatically produce chlorine you need without the problems of bulk chlorine. Use less water and lower TDS, too. Combining with SENTRY UV systems reduces chloramines and chlorine requirements.

ChlorKing: 800-536-8180

Recreonics IncAttract Visitors

Revitalize and increase visitor numbers with Wibit’s interlocking combinations and transform your swimming pool into a water adventure for all ages. Combinations are designed to fit standard pool sizes, with special combinations for small facilities. Build your own combination, choosing from more than 40 interlocking modules. Wibit inflatables meet the highest safety standards worldwide.

Recreonics Inc.: 800-428-3254

Ramuc Pool Specialty CoatingNew Coating

Now in 1-Gallon Kits, Ramuc® Hi Build Epoxy provides unsurpassed stain, chemical and abrasion resistance. A simple-to-use 1:1 mix ratio rolls easily and builds up to 8 mils dry per coat, rendering “smoothing” qualities on rough surfaces. Two coats offer up to 8 years’ service life.

Ramuc Pool Specialty Coating Systems: 800-745-6756

Becs TechController Access

BECSys Live provides simple and secure real-time access to BECSys controllers via most web browsers. Users can monitor dashboards, change settings, review graphs, run reports and keep personal notes. BECSys Live is free for all Internet-connected BECSys controllers using EZConnect, which provides secure Internet connectivity without the need for VPNs, port forwarding or public IP addresses.

Becs Technology Inc.: 314-567-0088

Aqua & MoreRenovate Your Deck

Touch Deck PVC is a reinforced membrane created to renovate and waterproof decks in aquatic facilities. This 80mil thick membrane renovates decks to make them waterproof and slip-resistant. Terrific solution for common deck problems, including cracks, chips, peeling paint and more. Provides long-term ease of maintenance. Ideal for renovation or new construction.

Aqua & More: 732-569-7750

Water OdysseySlide Into Fun

Fun Forms Aqua Slides™ are a great addition to any aquatic play setting. Suitable for all types of pools, including beach entry. Now with more than 40 brightly themed, hand-detailed designs. Various sizes for ages 2 to 5 and 5 to 12. Fun for toddlers to tweens. Custom designs also available to add a theme. Perfect for pool renovations.

Water Odyssey: 512-392-1155

Water TechEasy Cleaning

Water Tech’s Precision 2.0 Li™ is a hose-free, cordless cleaner providing maximum portability. It’s the only commercial pool vacuum powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery providing quick and easy access to all areas of the pool. With two hours of runtime, the Precision 2.0 Li™ is the perfect way to quickly spot-clean pools.

Water Tech: 800-298-8800

Affordable UVAffordable UV

Pentair’s NSF-approved BioShield® UV Commercial Systems help improve pool water and air quality and can also help reduce chemical usage, potentially lowering costs and providing an affordable solution for aquatic facilities. The BioShield® UV system also provides secondary disinfection, which can help reduce the combined chloramine levels to improve air quality.

Pentair: 800-831-7133

VIP Solutions LLCUplifting

High-Rise is a child-seat adapter for an adult-sized wheelchair to accommodate children ages 3 to 10. Child’s head is above water at pool depth of 36 inches. Has rotating shoulder supports that adapt to the child. Torso belt and a removable slip strap are included. Folds flat for storage.

VIP Solutions LLC: 800-726-8620

Creative PolymersSplash Pad & Deck Coating

The owners of Creative Polymers have more than 60 years of experience in the paint and coating market. They offer an easy-to-apply, water-based, low-VOC, color-stable splash pad and pool decking system called Deck Armor 2, which bonds to asphalt, concrete and wood applications.

Creative Polymers: 314-791-0168

Rocky Mountain SunscreenSun Protection

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is the most convenient and cost-effective way to protect your staff from the sun. The superior bonding base formula interlocks with skin, allowing it to stay on better and last longer. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is fragrance-free, reef-friendly and provides lasting protection while swimming.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen: 888-356-8899

Antiwave Pool ProductsLane Lines

Antiwave 4-inch Forerunner and 6-inch Maximum Lane lines offer a three-year warranty and come with the Antiwave patented supertensioner. Antiwave offers the largest selection of custom lane sizes and color combinations. All Antiwave lanes are Made in the USA for quick and reliable delivery.

Antiwave Pool Products: 866-736-2183

WMS AquaticsBuild Your Pool

WMS Aquatics started as a national aquatic products supplier and has grown to become a licensed contractor and service provider, specializing in pool and spa construction and renovations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. With 50 years of experience, WMS offers a variety of options to fit your facility needs.

WMS Aquatics: 800-426-9460

Competitor SwimEffortless Lanes

Competitor’s Stor Lane Reel is ideal for easy mobile storage and installation of lane lines. Solid end wheels keep the lanes safely on the core to avoid tangles and lane line damage. A powder-coated aluminum frame and end wheels offer durability for both indoor and outdoor use. A unique, end-mounted handle and 5-inch stainless-steel casters with brakes provide maneuverability.

Competitor Swim: 800-888-7946

Industrial Test Systems IncEasy Testing

The eXact® Pool EZ is an economical patented handheld photometer that provides one-way communication from Apple or Android devices and allows you to share results afterward using the eXact iDip App. This photometer is also waterproof and has a permanent built-in cell, making it a simple and easy way to take a water sample.

Industrial Test Systems Inc.: 803-329-9712

Ultra Polymers IncLong-Lasting Coating

Ultra Poly One Coat is a long-lasting hybrid epoxy coating for swimming pools, spas, slides, fountains and other water features. Refurbish plaster, fiberglass, concrete and metal in a single coat that cures quickly. This VOC-free and odor-free coating is easy to apply, quick to cure and features a 15-year warranty.

Ultra Polymers Inc.: 724-449-2122

Aquatic AccessBeyond ADA

The Model IGAT-180, with a weight capacity of 400 pounds, is one of three models exceeding ADA requirements. Water-powered, non-electric, portable and extremely reliable, it provides safe and cost-effective use for the rider and provider, with minimum attention or maintenance required.

Aquatic Access Inc.: 800-325-LIFT

Clear ComfortDo More With Less

Do more with less chemicals. Clear Comfort’s award-winning AOP pool, spa and waterpark sanitation delivers the best water and air quality, while simplifying maintenance. Powered by patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP, Clear Comfort is third-party-proven to reduce up to 90% or more of DBPs, 50% of chemical use and 99.99% of Cryptosporidium.

Clear Comfort: 303-872-4477

Gulbenkian SwimWave That Flag

All competition pools require backstroke flags. Gulbenkian Swim’s 12-gauge vinyl flags are 12 by 18 inches and are available in many colors. Numbers, letters and logos can be added. Lines are available assembled with 3/16-inch braided rope or unassembled.

Gulbenkian Swim: 203-790-0800


LochinvarPerfect Temperature

The AQUAS™ Commercial Pool Package line offers models ranging between 285,000 and 6 million Btu/hr to serve commercial pools, waterparks and aquatic competition facilities. Lochinvar’s AQUAS Commercial Pool Package provides reliable performance and leading thermal efficiency of up to 98%. Designed to prevent pool water from entering the heater to ensure years of dependable operation.

Lochinvar: 615-889-8900

Chlorine GenieProduce Chlorine

Chlorine Genie™ produces chlorine using a patented technology that combines an electrolytic cell submerged in salty, brine-softened water, reverse osmosis, and a descaling system built right into the unit. No need to put salt in your pool. Instead, imagine water without harsh chemicals, toxic additives or dangerous irritants. Adjusts pH with a flip of the switch, reducing the use of muriatic acid.

Chlorine Genie: 800-970-7616

Recreation Supply CompanyPortable Cleaning

Recreation Supply Company’s electric and gas-powered filter vacuums combine ease of portability with high-powered suction and large-capacity single filter cartridges. These filter vacuums are built with dependable Pentair and Harmsco components and a stainless-steel cart.

Recreation Supply Company: 800-437-8072

Tuff CoatEasy Coating

Available in 21 colors, Tuff Coat™ coatings are an easy-to-use single-component, flexible, water-based nonskid coating. Created through a unique process of cross-linking urethanes, acrylics, co-polymers and recycled rubber granules, this product provides a long-lasting traction finish to pool decks, splash pads, locker rooms and commercial/industrial applications.

Tuff Coat: 877-252-9457

Aqua ConscienceLifeguard Solution

The HALO™ Lifeguard Stand is a revolutionary and innovative solution for aquatic safety. It’s easy to move and relocate as needed, while also being stable, tall enough (with platform height of 56 inches or 77 inches), and safe enough to empower lifeguards to perform their best.

Aqua Conscience: 800-233-1609

Counsilman-HunsakerAquatic Management Tool

New for 2022, HydroApps Command Central dashboards deliver facility safety compliance overview straight to your device. Get water test results, check on facility checklists and maintenance issues, access reports and record in-service trainings, straight from your organization’s centralized dashboard. Digitize your world with HydroApps, and help your pools run better.

Counsilman-Hunsaker: 303-384-9500

Colorado Time SystemsOn Display

Colorado Time Systems offers a comprehensive line of LED video displays designed to suit your unique needs. Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor video display for sporting events or commercial needs, Colorado Time Systems can help you maximize your investment and provide an engaging experience for your audience.

Colorado Time Systems: 800-279-0111

Spectrum Aquatics
Climb & Splash

Pool climbing walls are made by a team of experts comprised of climbers and aquatic professionals, and bring adventure recreation to commercial pools. These climbing walls attract visitors of all ages and athletic abilities. Spectrum’s pool climbing walls are designed to last in harsh indoor and outdoor aquatic environments. These modular walls can be integrated into nearly any pool facility.

Spectrum Aquatics: 800-791-8056

Pool SharkSimple Pool Management

Pool Shark H2O replaces traditional paper commercial pool log books with a simple, easy-to-implement and manage cloud-based solution that brings you and your team confidence that your pools are being managed right. Eliminate paper, simplify pool maintenance and decrease chemical expenses.

Pool Shark H2O: 855-742-7542

ACCU-TAB & Acid-RiteConsistent Chlorine & pH Balance

Achieving consistent chlorination and proper pH balance is just two systems away. When combined, the Accu-Tab and Acid-Rite systems work together to take water quality to the power of two—without pumproom hassles. Virtually maintenance-free, both the Accu-Tab System and Acid-Rite pH Adjustment System are engineered to help achieve a manageable balance inside and outside the water.


MaytronicsCleaning Performance

The Maytronics Wave 140 offers powerful cleaning performance. Maytronics commercial cleaners promise and deliver a long-term cost-effective operation, along with a quick return on investment. Advanced technologies provide comprehensive scanning of the entire pool, effective pool brushing and filtering throughout.

Maytronics: 888-365-8572

NeptuneStrong Defense

The Defender® Regenerative Media Filter provides superior water filtration along with significant water and energy savings compared to traditional sand filters. Remove particulate down to 1 micron for sparkling crystal clear water that will impress swimmers and guests.

Neptune Benson: 800-832-8002

AquaWorxThe Perfect Addition

AquaWorx Water Toys are the perfect addition to splash pads and zero-entry swimming pools. The Aqua Splash Dumping Bucket can be customized with facility logos and powder coated in a variety of color options. Complete your aquatic play area with an AquaWorx Water Feature Filtration System and enjoy the splash.

AquaWorx: 888-426-8511

DaldoradoAquatic Integration

For aquatic designers, the need to create bright, interactive aquatic environments while mitigating the risk of slip-and-fall injuries and tripping hazards can be a challenge. Decking and drainage systems are the main areas of concern. Daldorado LLC and Life Floor announced an integration between their products to meet this need.

Daldorado: 888-509-8128

AllChemSparkLing Waters

Vantage listened to pool operators and facility managers in creating commercial aquatic products. Vantage ACF Feeders use a proven calcium hypochlorite technology for simple and reliable sanitizer control. Also featuring Vantage Poly-A tablets, a powerful tablet clarifier to improve filtration, remove organic and inorganic compounds and make your water sparkle.

AllChem Performance Products: 352-378-9696

S.R. SmithUp Your Guard

S.R. Smith’s Sentry Lifeguard Chairs are designed to add both form and function to the pool deck, and are now available in a 66-inch seat height. Constructed from HDPE, they are strong, durable and low-maintenance, and have been designed with five slotted handholds for safety. Stylish Sentry Lifeguard Chairs also come in 30- and 42-inch seat heights.

S.R. Smith: 800-824-4387

Pool coversCover It Up

Meyco Covers are designed for every type of pool environment—from small apartment pools to custom Olympic-sized waterparks. Meyco’s largest cover required 40,000-plus feet of material and more than 700 straps. Plus, Meyco’s R-Secure system allows larger covers to separate into multiple, smaller sections for easier installs and storage.

Meyco Pool Covers: 800-446-3926

Hayward Commercial AquaticsEliminate Bacteria

Eliminate 99.9% of bacteria for 100% peace of mind. Hayward’s HydroRite UV Commercial Ultraviolet Disinfection System combines three powerful disinfectants into one vessel, offering unprecedented plug-and-play installation and setting a new standard for water quality in the commercial pool market.

Hayward Commercial Aquatics: 800-657-2287

RenoSysSolve Surface Problems

The RenoSys 60mil PVC pool membrane is available in brilliant white, light blue or Caribbean blue. RenoSys has formulated special textures that are designed to provide the correct level of traction for the application. Also available is a high-friction option, used for lanes, targets and step markings.

RenoSys: 800-783-7005

Lincoln AquaticsImprove Water Quality

The Aquify Regenerative Media Filter (RMF) Systems provide exceptional water quality, filtering to 1-micron particle size, using environmentally safe perlite filter media. Automatic filter controls monitor the system to provide long filter runs, while minimizing water needed for backwashing. Available in coated stainless steel or fiberglass with 15-year warranty.

Lincoln Aquatics: 800-223-5450

Kelley Tech CoatingsLong-Lasting Finish

Zeron epoxy coating is a high solid, high build pool finish that provides up to eight years of service. Zeron cures to a hard, glossy finish that resembles ceramic tile. Zeron resists staining, algae growth and imbalanced water chemistry levels. Rolled or sprayed, Zeron has been providing protection and value to commercial pools for more than half a century.

Kelley Technical Coatings: 800-458-2842