New Product Ideas: March

encore athleticTurf Choices

Ecore has refreshed its lineup of turf products to include seven new high-performance offerings for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Featuring Ecore’s trademark strengths, all Ecore turf products are durable, resistant to slips, feature a vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) shockpad and are designed to provide safety, acoustic and ergonomic benefits.

Ecore Athletic: 866-795-2732

PlayPowerLight It Up

PlaySoleil™ is a patent-pending, solar-powered light durably designed to fit into the posts of new or existing playground structures. PlaySoleil illuminates playgrounds, discouraging unwanted after-hours activity without the need to run electricity. PlaySoleil is sold exclusively by PlayPower®, and when fully charged, will shine from sundown to sunup.

PlayPower: 704-949-1600

Miracle RecreationGet Creative

Miracle Recreation announced a strategic partnership with The Rube Goldberg Institute for Innovation & Creativity. In the first collaboration, Miracle introduced its Miracle Machines™ product. Three oversized, double-sided panels allow children to create constant motion using levers, gears, pegs, balls and spinners. Designed for ages 2 and up, Miracle Machines encourage collaborative play.

Miracle Recreation: 888-458-2752

ClearSpanQuick & Easy

ClearSpan Structures’ newest addition, the Bolt Up Building, is designed for easy installation and provides a structural solution for any operation on any property. Bolt Up Building kits are weld-free and bolt together for easy assembly, allowing a limited crew or group of friends to put it together in just a day or two. The buildings are available in four sizes.

ClearSpan Structures: 866-643-1010

Landscape StructuresClimbing High

Landscape Structures introduced the newest addition to the Smart Play® family: Summit™. This condensed-footprint, giant-play-value playstructure will bring the mountains to play areas while welcoming crowds of all abilities for fun, imaginative play. Kids ages 5 to 12 can search for hidden animal tracks and camping gear as they trek across laser-cut climbing decks and 3-D nets.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-438-6574