New Product Ideas: February 2022

VIP SolutionsExpanding Access

The AQ-150HR “High-Rise” provides a seat adapter for an adult-sized wheelchair to be capable of accommodating children ages 3 to 10 without sacrificing comfort or safety. The High-Rise keeps a child’s head above water at the standard pool ramp depth of 36 inches. Rotating shoulder supports adapt to the size of the child.

VIP Solutions LLC: 800-726-8620

LaMotteMeasure Up

The new waterproof, Bluetooth ColorQ 2x PRO 7 Kit (code 2086) pool and spa photometer directly measures free chlorine (DPD), total chlorine (DOD, bromine (DPD), pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid directly on a digital display. The ColorQ 2x eliminates the need to visually determine slight color variations using an innovative dual-optic design.

LaMotte: 800-344-3100

poolHigh-End Appeal

Aqua & More, a division of Renolit, now offers a designer membrane called “Touch-Authentic” created to give commercial aquatic facilities a high-end designer look to match the décor of the facility. This new pattern is inspired by nature and imitates the look of marble stone. This superior 80mil thick reinforced membrane is an ideal product to completely encapsulate and renovate leaking or deteriorated pools.

Aqua & More: 732-569-7750

CheMtrolAutomatic Control

Chemtrol® manufactures automatic chemical controllers that are microprocessor-based, programmable controllers for control of water chemistry (ORP, PPM and pH), water balance (conductivity and Langelier Index), heater, water level, flow and automatic filter backwash.

CheMtrol: 800-621-2279

ControlOMaticNo More Guesswork

The Pool Warden controller with a TrueDPD accessory takes the guesswork out of having to “hand measure” free chlorine at waterparks and splash pads. The Pool Warden controller is a single or dual pool water chemistry controller with the ability to measure pH, ORP, temperature and flow, plus adjust and deliver chemicals as needed. Uses proven DPD reagent technology for true PPM monitoring and control without ORP/pH conversion.

ControlOMatic: 530-205-4520

Murdock ManufacturingThirst-Quencher

Provide water to thirsty canines and their human companions with Murdock® hydration products. Durable stainless-steel drinking fountains with attached pet fountains offer year-round hydration, no matter the climate. Pet fountains can also be ordered individually. After dogs enjoy a romp in the park, a Murdock pet shower is the ideal way to ensure that visitors’ cars stay clean.

Murdock Manufacturing: 800-453-7465

Pro-Techs SurfacingSafe Surfacing

Pro-Techs Surfacing LLC is an innovative company specializing in recreational, eco-friendly, rubber safety surfaces in a variety of colors. Providing excellent customer service interactions before, during and after your project is Pro-Techs’ No. 1 goal. Pro-Techs’ expert team has a combined knowledge and experience of more than 60 years in poured-in-place rubber and turf installations.

Pro-Techs Surfacing LLC: 330-576-6058