Staffing Issues Are Top Challenge in 2022

graphNearly two-thirds (63.9%) of respondents to the Industry Report survey in 2022 cited staffing issues as the top challenge their facilities are currently dealing with. They were led by respondents from Ys, where 77.3% said they were experiencing challenges associated with staffing issues. Ys were followed by rec centers (67.9%), camps (67.8%) and parks (65.1%). Respondents from schools were the least likely to indicate that staffing issues were their biggest challenge, though 41.7% did name this as a top issue.

The problem is more dire for aquatic facilities than for facilities without aquatics. More than seven out of 10 respondents whose facilities include aquatics (71.6%) said staffing issues were their top concern, compared with 56.1% of respondents with no aquatic component at their facilities.