Ys Offer Swim Lessons, Water Safety and Lifeguard Training in High Numbers

graphMore than eight out of 10 respondents to the Industry Report survey from Ys with aquatic facilities said they currently provided learn-to-swim programming (90.9%), lifeguard training (89.2%) and water safety programming (81.1%), making Ys the most likely to offer all three types of programming.

Learn-to-swim programs were also very popular for aquatic respondents from health clubs (90.9%), parks (88.3%), rec centers (85%) and schools (77.8%).

After Ys, the facility types most likely to provide lifeguard training include: colleges and universities (80.6%), schools and school districts (77.8%) and parks (73.4%).

Water safety training was a less commonly offered program for most respondents when compared with Ys. More than half of respondents from parks (61.7%), schools (61.1%), rec centers (55%) and health clubs (54.5%) said they currently offer water safety programs.