Greenfields Outdoor Fitness Partners With Ninja Competitor Adam Rayl to Promote Fitness in Public Spaces

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, Inc. is partnering with Adam Rayl, six-time American Ninja Warrior Finalist and National Ninja League 2019 World Champion, to bring ninja training to parks and other community spaces. 

Ninja-style obstacle courses have enjoyed fast-growing popularity in recent years, but until now have not typically been available in public environments. Greenfields and Rayl together are aiming to make ninja training available to the public, capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the popular TV show to encourage fitness among teens and young adults - and beyond. 

“What ninja warrior has that no other sport, not even gymnastics has, is this infinite variety of variability,” said Rayl. “It’s not always static and always the same, and I think people like that. I think people love to have fun doing something in any number of different ways.” 

The X-Treme Ninja Course by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, the first circuit in a soon-to-be-expanded product line, comprises a unique oval-shaped course that offers challenges like those found on the popular TV show. As a whole, the course offers high-intensity training opportunities to enhance users’ upper body, grip, lower body and core strength; hand-eye coordination; agility; balance; and cardiovascular endurance. 

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness is the market leader in multigenerational, inclusive outdoor gyms for users of all abilities. The X-Treme Ninja, Greenfields’ newest product line, offers their most rigorous fitness system to date, ensuring that those at even the pinnacle of physical ability can enjoy a challenging workout in an outdoor fitness space. 

“We’re tremendously excited to be working with Adam,” said Sam Mendelsohn, president of Greenfields Outdoor Fitness. “We have a shared passion for making fitness fun and accessible to everyone, and we are looking forward to amplifying our joint message and creating new exercise avenues across the U.S. and beyond through this partnership.” 

Greenfields' equipment has been enthusiastically embraced by communities worldwide for its versatile functionality and multigenerational appeal. With installations in parks, senior centers, schools, and military bases worldwide, Greenfields Outdoor Fitness works to ensure that healthy lifestyles are inviting and attainable to all.