Most Commonly Planned New Program? Mind-Body Balance

Mind-body balance programs like yoga and tai chi were the most commonly planned program among respondents tograph Recreation Management’s 2022 Industry Report survey. Some 29.9% of those with plans to add programs were planning to add mind-body balance programs, up from 23.4% in 2021.

Fitness and group exercise programs were the next most likely planned additions for 2022 respondents. Some 27.9% of respondents with plans to add programs said they would be adding fitness programs (up from 25.5%) or group exercise programs (up from 25.7%).

Other programs that saw an increase in the percentage of respondents planning to add them at their facilities in 2022 included: educational programs (up from 20.8% to 25.9%); arts & crafts programs (up from 17.4% to 21.9%); functional fitness programs (up from 17.8% to 21.4%); performing arts programs (up from 17.4% to 21.4%); and environmental education programs (up from 20% to 20.9%).

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