Swim Lesson Outreach to Minorities, Underserved Falls Slightly

Some audiences tend to be left out when it comes to learn-to-swim opportunities, with economic as well as racialgraph disparities having a heavy impact on who does and does not learn to swim. The Aquatic Trends Report found that the number of respondents providing outreach programs to these audiences has fallen slightly.

A 2017 USA Swimming report found that 79% of children in low-income families have little to no swimming ability, and 64% of black children, and 45% of Hispanic children have little to no swimming ability, compared with 40% of white children.

Some 27.3% of respondents to the Aquatic Trends survey in 2022 said they were involved in outreach to low-income patrons, down from 33.8% in 2021. Another 16.7% engage in minority outreach, down from 21% in 2021. And 20.8% offer learn-to-swim programs aimed at helping people overcome their fear of the water, down from 23.1% in 2021.

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