New Product Ideas_February 2023

On DeckRenolit

Renolit offers reinforced PVC membrane created to renovate and waterproof decks in aquatic facilities. This 80mil thick membrane renovates decks to make them waterproof and slip-resistant for safety. It’s a terrific solution for common deck problems, including cracks, chips, peeling paint and more. Provides long-term ease of maintenance. Ideal for renovation and new construction. Available in a variety of colors.

Renolit: 219-324-6886


Fountain PeopleLights & Color

Fountain People’s FXPRO™ Series RGBW12 Spot LED color-changing light fixture illuminates both fountain and splash pad spray effects (underwater, wet or dry locations). This fixture has on-board DMX driver for more control and includes an angle-adjustable yoke to position the fixture as desired. Unit may be anchored to a finished floor or wall. Freestanding, 3.2-inch diameter 316L stainless steel construction, 12-watt LED color-changing light fixture with three RGBW diodes.

Fountain People: 512-393-5263


National Recreation SystemsBleacher Experts

National Recreation Systems has been the leading manufacturer of spectator seating solutions for more than 25 years. From custom designs to quick-ship products to total renovations, you can count on their expert team to guide you through every stage of your project.

National Recreation Systems: 888-568-9064


WaterTechSuck It Up

Water Tech’s Precision 2.0 Li™ is a hose-free, cordless cleaner providing maximum portability. It’s the only commercial pool vacuum powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. With two hours of run-time, it’s the perfect way to quickly spot-clean pools, keeping pool surfaces and water clean and healthy. This self-contained, underwater vacuum works independently from your pool filtration system.

Water Tech: 800-298-8800


SportsArtPower Up

The non-motorized G778 ECO-POWR™ Stepper provides an effective step workout while generating usable electricity in any workout setting, Using SportsArt’s innovative ECO-POWR™ technology, the G778 converts up to 74% of human energy into clean, renewable energy. The built-in technology drives a connection between individual actions and environmental impact by generating up to 220 Wh of electricity per hour workout, enough to power a computer for more than two hours.

SportsArt: 800-709-1400


Percussion PlayRing Those Bells

Percussion Play’s new Liberty Bells are reminiscent of small grassland mushrooms, bringing enchantment to local music parks or gardens. The aluminum musical bells “sing” when struck with the attached mallets. The stainless-steel “gill” on the underside of the cap completes the look. The cluster of six powder-coated conical “caps” in bright colors and wiggly-shaped stainless-steel “stems” positioned at different heights and angles is an eye-catching piece.

Percussion Play: 866-882-9170