Wild Dunes Resort Updates Its Boardwalk


Located off the coast of Charleston, S.C. lies the Isle of Palms—the home of the Wild Dunes Resort, a Hyatt gated community with beautiful beaches, world-class golfing and the award-winning Wild Dunes Tennis Center. The property’s amenities are connected by boardwalk paths that wind through much of the retreat’s oceanfront sites and attractions. 
Recently, Wild Dunes management reached out to Joel Krueger, owner of Krueger Construction in Summerville, S.C., to assess the structural integrity of the resort’s boardwalk system as well as the bleachers next to the tennis center’s main court. Given the heavily traveled grounds, it was time to evaluate options to traditional pressure-treated wood decking and seating. 
“The pressure-treated wood used to build the boardwalk and bleachers was decades old and in constant need of repair,” Krueger explained. “So the facility management agreed it was best to replace the existing structures with a composite material that would last for years with minimal maintenance.”
While considering several deck products, Krueger discovered MoistureShield Vantage decking, an uncapped wood composite board with a matte finish that evokes the look of real hardwood and has similar workability. Krueger became a fan when he learned of the product’s proven ability to stand up to the elements for more than 30 years with no structural field failures. 
“The blazing sun, change in temperatures and saltwater can really take a toll on exterior wood products,” Krueger noted. “So we were instantly impressed with Vantage’s ability to withstand a seacoast climate like ours. We certainly didn’t want to install anything we had to stain, paint or repair on a regular basis. Affordable, clean and lower maintenance were all the key selling points that made this an easy decision for our Wild Dunes clients.”
Roger Martin, facility manager at Wild Dunes, explained the significance of selecting a superior decking material for the resort’s walkways and tennis center. “The boardwalk and tennis bleachers are essential to our fabulous getaway experience,” Martin commented. “Tens of thousands of visitors travel back and forth on the boardwalk pathways, while spectators regularly use our tennis center to watch matches, enjoy refreshments and have a good time. Both are integral to the outstanding services and comforts that our visitors and residents have come to expect, so we wanted a top-quality material.”
The year-long project began with the complete renovation of the tennis center, ranked a U.S. top-10 resort by Tennis Magazine for the past decade. Featuring 12 clay courts, the main court is used for celebrity and professional matches throughout the year.
The renovation included a new underlying structure with wood composite decking, face-fastened with color-matching screws and four levels of bleacher seats. Totaling approximately 9,000 square feet, the job was completed in about three months by a five-man crew from Krueger Construction.
“It turned out great,” Krueger recalled. “Everyone loved the look, feel and comfort of the new bleachers as well as the deck, which was designed with bench seating, tables and chairs so parties could be held during the various events. In fact, the Wild Dunes clients loved the Vantage decking and Cape Cod Gray color so much that they decided to use the same decking to replace the resort’s luxury boardwalk.” 
For nearly 40 years, the boardwalk’s winding pathway have interconnected the resort’s AAA Four Diamond Boardwalk Inn Hotel to the oceanfront beach, Grand Pavilion, townhomes, two large oceanfront pools and popular Beachside Burgers & Bar.
Starting in January 2021, the boardwalk’s entire reconstruction took almost five months to complete as all pressure-treated lumber was replaced with MoistureShield’s Vantage grooved decking, which allowed hidden fasteners throughout the 24,000-foot walkway system, including six sets of stairs and one ADA-certified handicap ramp allowing access to the beach. 
Martin said the decking “… provided superior weather resistance for our saltwater environment, and we love the gray color that extends throughout the entire board,” adding that the cost was comparable to pressure-treated wood, but will require only a fraction of the maintenance.
The Wild Dunes boardwalk phase was completed just in time for the resort’s busy summer tourist season.
“Fine dining, exquisite amenities and panoramic ocean views are the standard here,” Krueger reflected. “To everyone‘s delight, MoistureShield fit right into this grand motif. The Vantage decking certainly delivered on every front and looks beautiful in a landscape dedicated to scenic pleasures and outstanding hospitality.”

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