The Paw Station Provides All-in-One Pet Waste Station System

The Pet Waste Station, a nationwide leader in offering high quality pet waste management products, offers The Paw Station, an ‘all-in-one’ decorative and durable free-standing pet waste station system with an optional toy box or Pooper Scooper storage box with tools and / or The Wellness Depot™.

This Paw Station is designed for indoor or outdoor usage and commercial or residential use. The product has great storage for cell phones, leash’s, keys, suntan lotion, first aid items or dog toys & treats.  These are great for public parks public greenways and other use areas where people are with their pets and ideal for artificial turf areas.

The product is made of powder coated alloys and comes in 3 unique standard colors and is also available in custom colors. The stations are beautiful and are great for architectural viable projects and high-volume dog and pet care business’s.  The product can be customized to your business or municipality name.  Made in the USA with high quality materials and craftsmanship.

The Pooper Scooper attachment as an optional add-on. This pooper scooper helps keep the park and play areas even cleaner now.  The Pooper Scooper options makes it easier for park users and maintenance teams to pick-up waste more readily.  The Pooper Scooper option can be fence mounted or mounted on other existing pet waste stations. The Pooper Scooper option is a must in helping to keep the park clean and healthy play environment.

The Wellness Depot can also be attached to the back of the station and this option provides first aid items and general wellness products such as suntan lotion, anti-bacterial gel or wipes, natural insect repellent spray, paw and gentle ear care sprays as well as first aid items.

Keep your dogs’ play area clean to ensure they are in a healthy play environment.

Made in the USA and made to your specific color selections.  Architecturally friendly and Great for any commercial or residential application.

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