CFFA Launches Certification Program for Vinyl Pool Liners

The Chemical Fabrics and Film Association (CFFA) announced the launch of its certification program for vinyl pool liners that meet the CFFA-P-101 – Recommended Minimum Performance Standards for Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners - In Ground.

Manufacturers of continuous web chemical coated film for vinyl pool liners may certify products and license the certification mark to identify certified products. CFFA-P-101 certified products will allow the industry to easily identify vinyl pool liners that meet strict performance standards, which may reduce the risk of product failures, provide installers and dealers with confidence, and improve homeowner experiences.

The program covers vinyl films, which are used for in-ground swimming pool liners that must be tested by an accredited laboratory. Products certified to CFFA-P-101 must pass all the test methods within CFFA-P-101 that have been identified as important and relevant for in-ground vinyl swimming pool liners. These test methods are used by the industry and its customers to determine the physical properties of vinyl and polymeric films, to facilitate quality control, and to ensure customer satisfaction.

The program will also offer sponsorship opportunities for fabricators and distributors who are primarily in the business of reselling certified vinyl pool liners. Certification program sponsors may license the certification mark when promoting previously certified products on their own marketing materials and websites.

CFFA-P-101 was developed by industry experts who evaluate product characteristics to help ensure reliability, consistency, and performance of vinyl pool liners. This standard, and others maintained by CFFA, are periodically updated to reflect current technologies, the latest best practices, and prevailing industry principles.

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