Ecore Adds Dynamic 'Moxie' to Its Lineup of Durable and Ergonomic Fitness and Wellness Flooring Solutions

Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed materials into high-performance products that make people’s lives better, has added a dynamic line of surfaces to its robust product portfolio. Designed for use in fitness, sports, recreation and wellness settings, Moxie Motivate Plus and Moxie Beast deliver durability, safety, acoustics and ergonomic characteristics that provide building owners, architects, designers and specifiers access to universal flooring options for a wide range of applications.

Moxie Motivate Plus and Moxie Beast feature a unique, non-porous and durable calendered rubber surface layer fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) base layer derived from reclaimed, post-consumer rubber. Moxie combines organic colors, patterns and texture to deliver a unique aesthetic to designers while still providing the amazing benefits of Ecore’s VCR base layers.

“Moxie rounds out our versatile portfolio of performance surface layer solutions and is a hallmark moment in the progression of our itsTRU™ technology manufacturing process,” explained Bo Barber, chief growth and innovation officer at Ecore. “What’s most exciting about this product is that it introduces a calendered rubber with all the benefits of non-porosity, along with a modern visual that’s a vast design departure from the traditional speckled aesthetic you expect from VCR, providing a dynamic, organic look for every rubber flooring application.”

Moxie Motivate Plus

Moxie Motivate Plus is a dynamic product designed for numerous applications including fitness, functional training, health and wellness, hospitality and therapy/rehab spaces that provides ultimate comfort underfoot and under body contact points. This surface offers an ideal balance of force reduction and energy restitution that reduces significant stress and strain on lower extremities while still contributing ergonomic support and energy back to the user.

Moxie Motivate Plus features a 2.5mm calendered rubber surface layer with on-trend visual and organic color variation and woodgrain embossing to increase durability and slip resistance. The product’s 8mm VCR factory fusion-bonded Motivate Plus base layer also provides safety and ergonomic performance combined with exceptional durability.

“Moxie Motivate Plus  the benefits of a non-porous surface with the unrivaled ergonomic benefits of vulcanized composition rubber, making it a dynamic surface for a wide range of applications including therapy or rehab facilities, labs, yoga and cardio studios and even child play zone areas,” said Barber. “It’s extremely adaptable and promotes a safe environment, no matter the application site.”

Moxie Beast

Moxie Beast provides ultimate durability and shock absorption because of its extremely dense, fusion-bonded base layer and durable calendered rubber surface layer. Developed for selectorized strength and heavy free-weight areas, Moxie Beast provides an impermeable surfacing solution designed to handle weight drop and heavy fitness equipment.

Moxie Beast features the same on-trend, non-porous 2.5mm calendered rubber surface layer as Moxie Motivate Plus. The rubber surface layer’s 8mm VCR factory fusion-bonded beast base layer is ultra-dense, providing shock absorption, substrate protection and an unmatched durability of VCR. For additional force reduction, Moxie Beast can be field united to Ecore’s Mod15 or 12mm Monster ShockPad.

“Moxie Beast delivers all the benefits of Moxie Motivate Plus and more,” said Barber. “Its performance abilities are ideal for more extreme movement, whether in the therapy or rehab space or transitioning to strength areas of Olympic style intensity.”

Both Moxie Motivate Plus and Moxie Beast are available in the same 10 color options and are transition-free to each other, as well as Ecore’s Performance Beast surface, allowing facilities to tailor performance characteristics throughout the space. The surfaces also are non-porous making them easy to clean and maintain and a great option where there are sanitary concerns.

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