Forma Is the Contemporary New Anywhere Playsystem From Landscape Structures

Landscape Structures Inc., a Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer, has introduced the Forma™ playsystem. Kids of all ages and abilities will love the dynamic, challenging and inclusive play opportunities provided by Forma's clean, angular design and sensory-rich mix of materials.

Forma brings a contemporary vibe to any play environment, and it can be combined with any Landscape Structures playground equipment—Super Netplex®, PlayBooster®, Alpha Link® Towers, Evos® + Weevos®, and so much more. Learn about the components included in the new line of the Forma playsystem below:

Forma Alpine® Slide and Forma SlideWinder2® Slide - Ages 5 to 12 - An easy-to-traverse belting ramp makes it easy to crawl, scoot, walk or run up to reach the slide and then swoop back down along the slide’s curve to the ground and nearby transfer station. Underneath the slide, a table and seats provide an area for rest or imaginative play.

Forma Climbers:

  • Fortress™ Multi-Climber, Ages 5 to 12 - With climbing challenges of varying difficulty, the asymmetrical shapes, unique angles, and mix of materials create play that looks and feels like nothing else.
  • Folio™ Balance Climber, Ages 5 to 12 - Deliver three unique dynamic experiences for children of all abilities in one unit with the slack line, cable-wrapped bouncy balance beam and wobbly steps.
  • Forge™ Climber, Ages 5 to 12 - The Forge Climber includes not only a large cable climber but also two unique panels with mirror cutouts for sensory play.
  • Footprint™ Steppers, Ages 2 to 5, 5 to 12 - Add Footprint Steppers to your Forma play area for more climbing activity or to play-functionally link different play events.
  • Footprint Balance Beam, Ages 2 to 5, 5 to 12 - Challenge kids to improve their balance and agility while they traverse the length of the Footprint Balance Beam.
  • Foxtrot™ Multi-Climber, Ages 2 to 5 - Stepping pods, a side-to-side climber, bouncy bridge, and shape sliders deliver active and sensory fun for many kids at once while developing important skills for this age group.
  • Forma Giggle Jiggler® Climber, Ages 2 to 5 - Kids will love to balance and shimmy on the Forma Giggle Jiggler, while a floating hourglass panel and stepper deliver extra sensory and active play.

Forma Sensory Play:

  • Focal™ Sensory Wall, Ages 2 to 5, 5 to 12 - Play on both sides of four panels deliver opportunities for walk-up or roll-up access so everyone can participate in the fun.
  • Fox Den™ Hangouts, Ages 2 to 5, 5 to 12 - Offer kids of all ages space to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy playground with seats for solo time or interaction with others. Hangouts are strategically positioned at angles and include peek-a-boo cutouts for sensory diverse play.Forma Motion & More Fun:
  • Forma Sol™ Spinner, Ages 5 to 12 - Deliver valuable spinning motion kids need for healthy growth and development, plus more sensory fun with the included Rain Sound Wheel Panel.
  • Footprint Wobble Bouncer, Ages 5 to 12 - The Footprint Wobble Bouncer maintains the aesthetic of the Forma play area, while providing wiggly, bouncy fun for one or more kids.
  • Forma Swing Frame, Ages 2 to 5, 5 to 12 - The clean, angular design of the Forma Swing Frame fits into your Forma playground design or adds visual interest to any play setting.

With its architectural influences, endless color possibilities and open sightlines, Forma creates the perfect complement to any play setting. From a nature-inspired style to something more modern, Landscape Structures delivers more than 60 color palettes from which to choose.

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