Health Clubs More Likely to Name Participation, Fitness & Wellness Among Top Concerns

In 2022, respondents to the Industry Report survey from health clubs were more likely than their counterparts to namegraph marketing and increasing participation, general fitness and wellness, and older adult fitness and wellness as top industry concerns. The No. 1 concern for health club respondents in 2022 was staffing issues, with 51.6% of respondents from health clubs indicating staffing was a top concern for their facilities. However, they were less likely than their peers from other facility types to call staffing a top concern. Among non-health-club respondents, 64.8% were concerned with staffing.

On the other hand, while just 23.5% of non-health-club respondents were concerned about general fitness and wellness, 41.9% of health club respondents named this a top concern. And while just 11.9% of non-health-club respondents were concerned about fitness and wellness for older adults, 25.8% of health club respondents listed this as a top concern.

Other top concerns for health club respondents in 2022 include marketing and increasing participation at their facilities (41.9% of health club respondents, compared with 36.2% of non-health-club respondents), and equipment and facility maintenance (38.7% vs. 50.9%).

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