SPREE Interactive Partners With ASI to Launch the New VR Playground


SPREE Interactive, a leading manufacturer of VR attractions for Family Entertainment Centers and Trampoline Parks, is excited to announce the release of a new multiplayer VR attraction, the VR Playground, accompanied with the new kid-friendly VR shooter, Splish Splash, at the DEAL Expo 2023.

SPREE is proudly partnering with entertainment industry experts, Amusement Services International (ASI), for the launch of the newest family-friendly free-roam VR solution, the VR Playground, at the DEAL Expo in Dubai.

The VR Playground is the latest version of SPREE’s award-winning multiplayer free-roam VR Arenas. Packed with a new look and boasting new features, such as an auto-play game playlist feature, the VR Playground utilizes state-of-the-art HTC Vive Focus 3 VR headsets.

Designed to maximize revenue while fitting in a compact venue space, the new VR Playground is available in 10-player, 6-player, and now 4-player configurations. With options for footprints as small as 30sqm (340sqft) the VR Playground is more compatible than ever before!

As well as the advances in hardware, the Game Development department at SPREE has been hard at work finalizing the latest VR shooter game, Splish Splash. The latest whimsical creation from SPREE’s in-house game studio offers a brand-new island adventure, suitable for players as young as 6 years old. 

Expanding its kid-friendly VR Laser tag game bundle with the introduction of Splish Splash, SPREE offers the first VR shooter game designed specifically for a younger audience.

Players take on the role of a frog avatar and engage in an exciting water gun battle. With features such as virtual ziplining, vast underwater environments, and fort building, Splish Splash delivers a unique and immersive gaming experience. 

“Following the success of our VR Laser Tag games, we wanted to bring that SPREE magic to the whole family, Splish Splash with its whimsical graphics and amusing gameplay is perfect for the lucrative 6-12 demographic,” Says Sarah Stief, Head of Content at SPREE Interactive. “Play and learn in a new world; Splish Splash is a dynamic environment providing entertainment for all ages.”

“We are indeed delighted to partner with SPREE to bring these light-hearted and action-packed VR games to our customers in the Middle East” says Prakash Vivekenand, Managing Director of Amusement Services International. “We think that SPREE is a perfect VR Attraction, particularly targeting the 6-12 age group and our initial test of the attraction at an FEC in Dubai has found it to be a big hit with families. We are eagerly looking forward to positioning the SPREE VR Playground at FECs across the MENA region”.