Sticking Up for Picking Up

An estimated 90 million dogs are in the United States, creating nearly 8 billion pounds of dog waste annually. While some consider it a “low-risk behavior,” dog waste left on the ground can cause damaging effects on people and the environment. More than just a nuisance, dog waste causes a detrimental impact on the environment and humans by carrying a host of harmful pathogenic bacteria and viruses that become a significant pollution source to groundwater, streams, rivers and lakes when not disposed of properly. These same bacteria and viruses also pose serious health risks to humans and pets when direct contact is made.

Woman Picking up Dog Waste
Photo Courtesy of DOGIPOT

DOGIPOT products were specifically designed to keep dog-friendly areas and their surroundings free from dog waste and its harmful impact on these areas. DOGIPOT was one of the first companies in the industry to invent the entire pet station concept through years of experience, product tests, observation studies and working closely with apartment managers, campground owners, maintenance staff, park directors and public work leaders. DOGIPOT SMART Litter Pick Up Bags and SMART Liner Trash Bags are the ideal balance of dependability and value you want when picking a disposal bag. At the same time, the bags are not too big or thick, which can make picking up more challenging or add additional costs or materials to the waste stream. DOGIPOT also provides pet owners with the following:

  • Education: The pet sign reminds the dog owner to pick up with an educational message, informing dog owners that dog waste is harmful and must be disposed of properly.
  • Tools: The dispenser deploys SMART Litter Pick Up Bags for dog owners to use to pick up after their dogs.
  • Disposal: The trash receptacle is conveniently placed for dog owners to discard the bagged dog waste quickly and responsibly.

As a reminder, pet ownership is a big responsibility, so please do your part and be a responsible pet owner. To learn more about DOGIPOT, head over to!