Association Names Five Benefits of Vinyl Pool Liners

Vinyl pool liners have many advantages over concrete, gunite, and fiberglass alternatives, making vinyl the best choice for fast, comfortable, stress-free enjoyment.

Consider these five demonstrable benefits of vinyl pool liners:

Design flexibility. Fit and maximize your backyard space! With vinyl, pools aren’t locked into a limited number of shapes, looks, or design options. It is highly customizable into many shapes, sizes, depths, and colors. Vinyl liners are versatile in pattern and style choice, with the ability to customize to exterior style. Pool owners can also alter the look of the exterior space and style more easily, more often.

Ease of maintenance. Some pool maintenance is a given, but vinyl pool liners require much less than concrete or fiberglass. The smooth surface discourages algae formation and its non-porousness doesn’t absorb chemicals, meaning it takes less to keep the pool clean. Vinyl is also resilient to freeze/thaw cycles experienced in seasonal climates, resistant to cracking at -29 degrees Celsius. These liners’ durability gives them a service life that can reach 10 years.

Fast installation. Vinyl comes with a rapid timeline for construction and installation, much faster than concrete. There are also more choices in terms of qualified professionals in the market who can sell and install, creating easier entry into the market and greater choice for pool owners. After installation, a “refresh” takes only a limited time to execute.

Better feel. Vinyl provides a smooth, non-abrasive surface that is gentle on children’s and parents’ feet and skin. No more skinned elbows and heels! It is the most comfortable of all in-ground pool types. Vinyl simply feels better.

Low ongoing costs. Vinyl pool liners have the best value and are highly cost-effective overall. The cost of upgrades or refresh is also much lower. The result is an affordable, high-quality swimming pool which maximizes homeowner value.

It’s clear that vinyl pool liners are the best choice for in-ground pools. They have the look and feel that discerning customers demand, paired with a low overall cost of ownership that never goes out of style. For more information, visit