Problem-Solver Showcase_April 2023

Problem: Bare feet and wet floors don’t mix.Dri-Dek

SOLUTION: Dri-Dek® is the perfect solution for wet floors. Its textured, anti-skid, self-draining surface keeps those wet floors dry. It’s perfect in pool areas, showers, locker rooms and barefoot walkways. Dri-Dek is made from anti-microbial oxy-B1™ vinyl to help control infectious bacteria, mold and mildew. The interlocking tiles snap together to form a custom surface.

Dri-Dek: 800-348-2398


InCord/NetPlayProblem: Poorly designed play-grounds can cause physical and social barriers for children with disabilities.

SOLUTION: Playgrounds should be places where all children can learn to socialize and experience the joy of play. NetPlay USA offers accessible playground solutions that allow children to advance their imagination, risk perception and skills while feeling included. Learn more about the Rolli Bouncer, Freedom Glider and ADA-compliant Spiral Carousel at

InCord/NetPlay: 860-537-1414


Problem: How can I best reduce my swimming pool facility heating costs?Lincoln Aquatics

SOLUTION: The use of an Insulated Floating Swimming Pool Cover is the best way to save 60% to 70% of your heating costs. The payback on most covers is less than one year. Portable Stainless Steel Winding Systems are designed for easy removal and storage of the covers.

Lincoln Aquatics: 800-223-5450


Problem: How can we add excitement to our pool?Recreonics

SOLUTION: Are you ready to Logroll? The Wibit Logroll is the perfect addition to any Wibit modular pool combinations and provides a special thrill. To make it across, you have to keep your balance on a moving surface. Rotation makes walking on the Logroll a shaky matter that can end up in the water at the slightest inattention.

Recreonics: 800-428-3254


Problem: How can we boost recreational activities year-round?DynaDome

SOLUTION: Eliminate seasonal shutdowns. DynaDome’s custom-designed retractable enclosures convert your outdoor pool into an indoor one in just 40 seconds, ensuring flexibility and energy efficiency. Your facility can operate in any weather all year long while staying true to your mission of affordability and accessibility. Upgrade your facility and increase membership and revenue with the push of a button.

DynaDome: 800-726-3962


CXTProblem: Does your project require a simple-to-install and easy-to-maintain restroom or other type of building?

SOLUTION: CXT buildings are fabricated with high-strength concrete and are available in multiple designs, textures and colors. All buildings can withstand water, snow, wind and zone 4 seismic loads. Interiors are designed to resist abusive wear and can be cleaned quickly. Buildings are delivered complete and ready to use, including plumbing and electrical. 

CXT: 800-696-5766


R.J. ThomasProblem: I’m designing a public outdoor space and want to ensure we offer accessible site furnishings in the plans.

SOLUTION: R.J. Thomas Mfg. understands the importance of incorporating ADA-compliant amenities to all of your indoor and outdoor sites. All Pilot Rock® brand product lines offer wheelchair-accessible options, including picnic tables, charcoal grills, waste receptacles, park benches, campfire rings and so much more.

R.J. Thomas: 800-762-5002


Problem: We’re looking for an innovative playground design.Landscape Structures

SOLUTION: Bring play to a new dimension with Forma™, a sculptural take on traditional playstructures. Clean, modern and unlike anything else, Forma uses asymmetrical shapes, unique angles and a mix of materials to create play that looks and feels brand new. Clear sightlines make it easy to see all the activity.

Landscape Structures: 888-438-6574


Problem: We have limited space for waste receptacles.Ex-Cell Kaiser LLC

SOLUTION: The Nature Series pole-mounted waste receptacle is the perfect solution. Not only does this unit free up space on walkways, bike paths and other areas, but it is also kept out of standing water and is protected from damage by things like skateboards, bikes and dogs.

Ex-Cell Kaiser LLC: 847-451-0451


Problem: How do we deal with chlorine shortages and volatile prices?ChlorKing

SOLUTION: NEX-GEN on-site chlorine generators from ChlorKing use pool water and salt to automatically produce all the chlorine you need without the problems of bulk chlorine. Use less water and lower TDS. Combining NEX-GEN with Sentry UV systems reduces chloramines and inactive pathogens in pool water to enhance safety and cost-efficiency.

ChlorKing: 800-536-8180


Problem: Our pool interior is cracked, peeling, deteriorated and leaking. What can we do to quickly renovate the pool and have it ready for swimmers?

SOLUTION: Renolit’s reinforced PVC pool interior finish encapsulates leaking or deteriorated pools, providing a beautiful, watertight pool renovation. The reinforced PVC interior does not crack Renolit_Bottomregardless of freeze-thaw conditions or ground movement. Renovate pools in far less time than resurfacing and replastering.

Renolit: 219-324-6886



Problem: We’d like to add an amenity to our poolside.Taylor & Associates

SOLUTION: The Large Cabana measures 5 feet high by 7 feet wide and is constructed with five 5/8-inch solid aluminum ribs and stainless-steel hardware, and fabricated with Sunbrella marine-grade acrylic canvas. The cabana comes with an optional anchoring system for the sand or pool deck.

Taylor & Associates: 800-237-7798


Problem: We need to bring more seating in so people can spread out at events.Kay Park-Rec Corp

SOLUTION: The Speedy Bleacher System by Kay Park Recreation is highway-towable, push-button-operated and folds with hydraulics. The unit’s simple design allows you to move it around town for parades, viewing stands and sporting events where seating other than normal, fixed seating is needed.

Kay Park-Rec Corp.: 800-553-2476


Problem: We are concerned about potential water problems at our aquatic facility.

SOLUTION: Vantage Poly-A Clarifier Tablets are the solution to cloudy and dull water. Poly-A aids in coagulation and removal of organic and inorganic compounds that dull water or cause cloudy water conditions. Poly-A Tablets are a concentrated blend of synergistic polymer clarifiers in a conventional tablet form that will make your water sparkle.

AllChem Performance Products LP: 352-378-9696


Belson OutdoorsProblem: We have a skilled team with tools to measure, cut and drill locally sourced wood planks for picnic tables, but we need high-quality, commercial-grade steel picnic table frames.

SOLUTION: Belson Outdoors offers a variety of ready-to-ship high-quality commercial-grade picnic table frame kits made from 1 5/8-inch and 2 3/8-inch O.D. galvanized steel tubing.

Belson Outdoors LLC: 800-323-5664

Royal Basket

Problem: We have limited storage space.

SOLUTION: The Collapsible Basket Truck is engineered to maximize storage space while providing a functional material handling solution. The innovative design features a removable vinyl bag with Velcro attachment. The rolling corner bumpers are ideal for keeping public areas looking clean and maintained. Optimize brand awareness with custom branding and labeling. Available in three sizes.

Royal Basket Trucks Inc.: 800-426-6447

Problem: What’s an aesthetic way to keep pedestrians and buildings safe from unwanted traffic?Petersen

SOLUTION: Strategically placed, heavy reinforced concrete planters provide security and serve as beautiful barriers for unwanted traffic. Many styles and sizes are available in a wide choice of colors and finishes to coordinate with your landscape. Custom designs welcome.

Petersen Manufacturing: 800-832-7383


Kelley TechnicalProblem: How can we restore our worn, dirty and stained commercial pool to get ready for opening?

SOLUTION: Olympic Professional Pool Coatings beautifully restore any worn pool and provide years of like-new service. Olympic Zeron Epoxy Coating is ideal for plaster and concrete pools. Call to discuss your current pool and let Olympic simplify your maintenance program.

Kelley Technical Coatings: 800-458-2842


MateflexProblem: We would prefer a “hardwood” court surface look in an environment that cannot support real wood.

SOLUTION: The ProGym Plank by Mateflex combines the advantages of modular tile with the look and aesthetics of a hardwood court. The ProGym Plank is specifically designed for spaces that will not allow for a traditional wood floor, and for budget-conscious facilities that would prefer lower maintenance costs.

Mateflex: 800-926-3539


Problem: Is your location prone to high winds, tropical storms or heavy snowfalls?Commercial Recreation Specialists

SOLUTION: Ensure you are ready to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Patented Turn-N-Slide™ easy fastening system allows for quick fabric installation and removal. The one-point attachment system features stainless steel cables. The 7-step powder-coated metal frames feature a 20-year warranty.

Commercial Recreation Specialists: 877-896-8442


Problem: Old pool blues?

SOLUTION: Make it like new! RenoSys manufactures 100% PVC as well as stainless-steel pool gutters to completely solve perimeter pipe leakage issues. When combined with PVC membranes and grating solutions, it is a transformative “like new” solution to old pool issues and is ideal for new pool construction as well.

RENOSYS: 800-783-7005


Problem: How can we install mini golf and not harm the ecosystem.Adventure Golf & Sports

SOLUTION: Try Eco-Friendly Modular Advantage® Mini Golf. It uses interlocking flexible panels for 100% permeable space with excellent drainage features. Provides the look and feel of a permanent concrete course with less costly installation that does not disrupt the natural landscape. And it’s made from recycled materials.

Adventure Golf & Sports: 888-725-4386


Problem: How can we easily clean our pool?Water Tech

SOLUTION: Water Tech’s Precision 2.0 Li™ is a hose-free cordless cleaner providing maximum portability. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. With two hours of run-time, it’s the perfect way to quickly spot clean pools, keeping pool surfaces and water clean and healthy. This self-contained, underwater vacuum works independently from your pool filtration system.

Water Tech: 800-298-8800


Pool & Hot Tub AllianceProblem: Our aquatics facility staff needs more training on pool service and maintenance to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our patrons.

SOLUTION: The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) offers professional certification courses for pool operators, maintenance specialists and service technicians. Your staff will learn about risk reduction, water quality, sanitization, managing equipment and more. Get certified today!

Pool & Hot Tub Alliance: 719-540-9119


Problem: We’d like to include a climbing wall in our facility. How much space is needed?EP Climbing

SOLUTION: There’s no minimum. EP climbing walls can be indoors or outdoors and incorporated into an existing facility, which includes conversion of racquetball court, sport court walls with fold-up pads or outdoor boulders or walls. Another consideration is to remodel an existing wall to create more space and a modern field of play.

EP Climbing: 541-388-5463


Problem: How can we capture the interest of older kids?Greenfields

SOLUTION: The perfect “next step” after traditional playgrounds, Greenfields’ X-Treme Ninja Courses (now featuring a Finish Wall) provide a fun and challenging experience that emulates the popular TV show. Greenfields offers a variety of ways to participate in ninja training with four X-Treme Ninja Courses.

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness: 888-315-9037


Gama SonicProblem: How can we allow patrons to enjoy our parks longer and make them feel safer without adding the costly infrastructure and maintenance of traditional lighting?

SOLUTION: Gama Sonic Solar Lighting manufactures beautifully designed, easy-to-install commercial-grade solar lighting without the need of costly infrastructure and maintenance. With Gama Sonic’s post and fixture solutions there is no need for digging, trenching or running electrical lines.

Gama Sonic: 800-835-4113