Lighting & Sound Systems

Indoor-OutdoorCooper Lighting

The Ephesus LUMASPORT 8 is a best-in-class solution for outdoor and indoor municipal, high school and college facilities. It offers a low total cost of ownership, with a pre-aimed two-piece assembly that reduces installation time and costs. The innovative power-redundancy feature and chip-on-board LEDs virtually eliminate maintenance. The addition of color Prism fixtures to the dynamic entertainment functionality brings a professional look to any field.

Cooper Lighting:


Presentation AutomationSound Director

Sound Director is an easy-to-use audio software package that automates your game presentation from a single computer. Music, prompts and sounds are instantly played back through your existing sound system. Sound Director will make your job easier, your crowd more enthusiastic and your game a success.

Sound Director Inc.: 888-276-0078


Update Your LightingGama Sonic

Gama Sonic’s Modern Commercial Solar LED Post Light is a commercial-grade solar post light with integrated solar panel. Ideal for parks, streets and any pedestrian areas in need of quality solar outside lighting. Up to eight nights of light on a full charge and three times the typical required Foot Candle.

Gama Sonic: 706-489-9833


Display Control

Click Effects offers a single point of control and delivery solutions for sports, entertainment productions and worldwide event venues. Allows users to deliver real-time graphics, audio tracks and animations to engage fans, strengthen brand loyalty and boost sponsor revenues. With an easy point-and-click interface, anyone can create an immersive experience.



Energy & Cost SavingsBest Lights

When Ascension Genesys Health Club needed to reduce overhead costs without spending any money, they chose to replace the club’s 19-year-old indirect 1000-Watt Best Lights fixtures with new 520-Watt Indirect DISC LED with Network Bluetooth Wireless Controls. The controls are automated and touch-free, using daylight harvesting, motion sensors, high-end trim and scheduling. Light levels on the tennis court doubled, and the project delivered electrical savings.

Best Lights: 800-545-2928


Retrofit Your Sports LightingNila

The SL-KM-600 is the newest LED sports light from Nila. Its robust build, impressive output and low power draw make it an excellent option for field-of-play retrofits worldwide. It’s been designed as a direct one-to-one replacement for metal halide fixtures, using the same mounting hardware.

Nila Inc.: 626-529-2856