Youth Sports Most Likely for Southern Respondents

Respondents from the South Central region of the United States were the most likely in 2022 to report that their facilitiesgraph are a home to youth sports programming. Well over half (56.9%) of respondents in the South Central region said they included youth sports activities. They were followed by respondents in the Midwest, where 52.3% offer youth sports programming. Respondents in the South Atlantic region were least likely to have youth sports programs, though 46.8% said they did.

Sports tournaments and races were most prevalent in the Midwest, with 42.6% of respondents indicating they host these activities. They were followed by the South Central region (40%) and the South Atlantic states (39%).

Finally, adult sports teams were most likely to be found in the Midwest, with 40.9% of Midwestern respondents indicating their facilities are home to adult sports teams. They were followed by the West (39.3%).  

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