New Course Levels Up Fitness Pros’ Public Speaking Skills

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the IDEA Fitness & Health Association (IDEA) take a proactive step in supporting the career growth of health and fitness professionals by co-marketing a new speaking course, developed by experienced speaking coach Andrea Heuston of Artitudes Design Agency. The course “Creating Connections: Speaker’s Academy for Fitness Professionals – Presented by ACE and IDEA” offers professionals the opportunity to learn from a seasoned presenter and speaker coach to enhance their stage presence, essential whether professionals are working one-on-one with a client, teaching a group fitness class or for presenting on stage or in video. 

“In a competitive fitness industry, developing a presence is essential in standing out among health and fitness professionals,” commented Lauren Shroyer, MS, ACE vice president of product and innovation. “Improved presentation skills may lead to more opportunities for teaching, speaking engagements and networking. This new course adds to ACE’s growing library of resources to help health and fitness professionals advance their careers.” 

The 100% online, three-month course includes six modules, where health and fitness professionals can access video content, two video assignments that offer feedback from a skilled coach, and the option to participate in a live question-and-answer session available each month.  Upon completing the “Creating Connections” course, participants will be able to improve their storytelling skills, practice effective techniques to connect with audiences in various settings and demonstrate progression in vocal and body techniques that enhance confidence and engage audiences. 

“For nearly forty years, IDEA Health & Fitness Association has been offering educational opportunities to launch and boost fitness careers,” says Amy Boone Thompson, IDEA’s owner and CEO. “Education is the foundation to success and courses like ‘Creating Connections’ will help health and fitness professionals stand out from the crowd.” 

“We are thrilled to be working with IDEA and Artitudes on helping fitness professionals everywhere give stronger presentations,” says Shroyer.  

Andrea Heuston, the course developer of “Creating Connections: Speaker’s Academy for Fitness Professionals – Presented by ACE and IDEA,” has spent the last 20 years coaching founders, leaders & executives at Fortune 500 companies to build their stage and deliver signature talks that move audiences to act. 

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