WeCOACH Extends Partnership With U.S. Marine Corps

WeCOACH announced the fourth year of its national partnership with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) that will create multiple opportunities for WeCOACH members to build relationships with and engage in leadership programming offered by the Marines. This collaborative partnership includes Marine presence and support across several WeCOACH programs and events, including the 2023 WeCOACH-NCAA Women Coaches Academy & Academy 2.0, where the Marines will serve as graduation sponsors.

The Marines have a mission that aligns with the work WeCOACH members do every day. The United States Marine Corps Influencer Program offers coaches, teams, and athletics administrators local community-engagement opportunities such as Marine-led leadership presentations, team workouts, team talks, and community service projects. WeCOACH members are also eligible to apply to participate in the annual Marine Corps Educators & Coaches Workshops, offering coaches the opportunity to learn more about aspirational service to the nation while networking with other coaches looking to improve their teams and student outcomes.

“Our partnership with the Marine Corps is particularly special because we are similar-missioned organizations that shape, train and develop leaders for greater good and impact. Our growing community shares a fighting spirit much like that of the Marines. The Marines have a proven track record of cultivating some of the greatest leaders in our country’s history, and we are incredibly proud to continue to join forces with them to cultivate those leadership skills within our coaches,” said WeCOACH CEO Vanessa Fuchs.

“The United States Marine Corps looks forward to working with the coaches and community of WeCOACH,” said Lt. Col. Rob Dolan. “Our partnership with WeCOACH creates and forges advocacy among a diverse group of female coaches who cultivate a fighting spirit among their athletes.”

Coaches and Marines both share a passion for transforming young people into high-caliber citizens of our great Nation. Through this partnership, WeCOACH is able to spread public awareness of the Marine Corps’ purpose and core values. To learn more, click here.