Sports & Gymnasium Products

Ninja TrainingAmerican Athletic

Made exclusively for G2N®, Air Obstacles provide a softer, more fun way for your ninjas to train. The only thing they have to fear is bruising their pride. Give them confidence on the best way to be efficient conquering each obstacle. Transform your kids from ninja enthusiasts to full-on ninja warriors!

American Athletic Inc.: 800-247-3978


Court UpgradeBison

When it’s time to upgrade your basketball court, Bison’s Gym Update Packages will save you money and guarantee compatibility with matching backboard, goal and backboard padding that will fit your existing structure regardless of manufacturer. Don’t stop there—ask Bison to design new graphic wall padding and scorer’s tables for your main gym to boost school spirit.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668


Set & SpikeGared

Gared’s new Carbon Flare™ Telescopic Volleyball System is constructed with durable carbon fiber posts that are lighter than aluminum posts for easy setup, yet five times stronger than
steel to withstand heave play. The
complete system includes two padded uprights, net, antennas and markers, and floor sleeves with covers, and meets NFHS/NCAA specifications for competition play.

Gared: 800-325-2682


Custom Indoor SolutionsNational Sports Products

Enhance your indoor facility with custom indoor products, including backdrop curtains, protective padding, court divider curtains, gym floor covers and gym divider curtains. National Sports Products, a division of Douglas Industries Inc., is a top manufacturer and distributor of quality sports products for more than 55 years focusing on quality equipment at great prices for both indoor and outdoor facilities.

National Sports Products: 800-478-6497


Update Your GymDraper

Spruce up your gym with Draper Backboards and wall pads. Draper provides rectangular and fan-shaped backstops made of glass, fiberglass, polycarbonate, steel and aluminum. For maximum safety, the Bolt-On Backboard padding meets or exceeds all NCAA, NFHS and FIBA requirements. Choose matching Wall Pads or have them custom-printed to complete the

Draper Inc.: 800-238-7999


Safer, HealthierAirphx

AIRPHX is an industry leader in providing safer and healthier indoor fitness facilities. The patented, proprietary technology is capable of continuously killing harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and molds, both in the air and on surfaces in large, occupied spaces. AIRPHX offers both standalone models and in-duct units, now available in all 50 states.

AIRPHX: 855-424-7749