New Product Ideas

Digital Aquatic SolutionCouncilman-Hunsaker

Take charge of your aquatic assets, supplies and equipment with HydroApps’ Asset Manager. Track preventive maintenance tasks, store vendor information and user manuals, and run reports to effortlessly update your capital improvement plans. With Asset Manager, aquatic operators can also quickly track everything from bandages to chemicals to rescue tubes while efficiently monitoring inventory and facility needs.

Counsilman-Hunsaker: 303-384-9500


Create an ExperienceSpace

Upace is a member experience and reservations platform for community rec centers. With Upace, operators can instantly access analytics, view upcoming reservations, market and communicate directly with members, and update the app. Via the app and web-based platform, members can reserve classes, personal training, events and more; view center occupancy and hours; access reminders and alerts; and directly connect with your center anywhere, anytime.

Upace: 215-630-7496


Move ItM-F Athletic

One of Perform Better’s newest products, First Place Connex Cords, are 32 inches long and have a carabiner at the end. The outer safety sleeve protects the bands from wear and tear. There are six different resistance levels, perfect to use for shoulder rehab and upper body strengthening. Just anchor the cords for effective training anywhere.

M-F Athletic: 800-556-7464


Tech HelpVermont Systems

Using the Vermont Systems RecTrac platform, leading parks and recreation professionals streamline their operations with insights and capabilities that enable exceptional patron experiences and lead their communities forward. From scheduling to reservations to communications to contracts to payments, discover what Vermont Systems can do for your organization.

Vermont Systems: 877-883-8757


Trainer ToolsMicroFit

Since 1986, quality fitness centers have relied on MicroFit assessment products as a member service and to promote a higher level of personal training. A MicroFit fitness/wellness assessment allows trainers to easily meet new members, gain their trust, understand their goals, recommend programs and track their progress. Solutions from HealthWizard software only to full assessment lab available for all budgets.

MicroFit Inc.: 800-822-0405


Plan an Awesome SummerAqua Cycles

Aqua-Cycle™ Water Trikes can bring you big returns this summer and with very little effort on your part. Aqua-Cycles™ are their own best advertising, attracting people to your location. People see how much fun they are. And because they are pedal-powered, they require
minimal maintenance. Featuring excellent ROI. No fuel.
No oil. No corrosion.

Aqua-Cycles Water Trikes: 800-970-2688


Waste NotGyms for Dogs

The Paw Station™ is an all-in-one decorative and durable freestanding pet waste station system with an optional toy box or Pooper Scooper storage box with tools and/or The Wellness Depot™. The Paw Station is designed for indoor or outdoor use and is made of powder-coated alloys in three unique standard colors, as well as custom colors.

Gyms for Dogs: 800-931-1562


Sound + NaturePercussion Play

Cattail Chimes are designed with nature in mind, instantly recognizable as the slender marsh plant. Stainless-steel “stems” support the three or six light bronze cylindrical anodized aluminum chimes, which produce tranquil and harmonic sounds when struck with small soft green mallets. Perfect for playful interactions along nature trails, in parks or in woodlands.

Percussion Play


Wash UpBradley Corp

Simplify soap refills while saving time and money with Bradley’s new Top Fill Multi-feed Soap System, available with all WashBar® handwashing models. This innovative top-fill soap system features a large capacity 1.3-gallon tank that can supply soap to up to three WashBars at once. Perfect for medium- to high-traffic commercial applications with multiple handwashing stations.

Bradley Corp.: 800-272-3539


Seek ClaritySeaKlear

The original Chitosan Clarifier™ uses high-quality chitosan to deliver superior water clarity. This tried-and-true technology doesn’t interfere with the performance of other pool products. It even works with high sanitizer levels and can be used at the same time as shocking your pool. Chitosan Clarifier works to improve filter performance while keeping pool water crystal clear.

SeaKlear: 800-753-1233