POOLCORP Partners With YMCAs to Provide Life-Saving Swimming Skills to Underserved Communities

As May marks the 20th Annual National Water Safety Month and the start of summer swimming season with the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, POOLCORP is once again teaming up with YMCAs across the country to help children learn life-saving swimming skills.

POOLCORP, the leading global wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies and outdoor living products, including a vast line of pool tile, finish, and hardscapes through its network of NPT Design Centers, has donated more than $3 million to 21 YMCAs throughout the country since the program’s inception in 2021. The donated funds have been critical in providing free training for 2,000 lifeguards and swim lessons for more than 30,000 children who otherwise would not have had the chance to participate.

“As an organization and a leader in the swimming pool industry, we believe that everyone should know how to swim,” said Kendall Large, POOLCORP’s Vice President of Strategic Marketing, “and at the center of our program is an unwavering commitment to reach children who are furthest from this opportunity.”

Research shows that 79% of children in households with an income less than $50,000 have few-to-no swimming skills. In addition, just over a third of U.S. parents say they cannot afford swimming lessons for their children. POOLCORP’s partnership with the YMCA is aimed at closing that gap through continued support in 2023.

This year, POOLCORP announced new partnerships with community YMCAs in California, Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, and Massachusetts. Further, POOLCORP’s 6,000 employees also play a significant role in the program. To guarantee children have what they need to participate in swim lessons, POOLCORP employees donate new swimsuits, towels, and other swim gear to help ensure that there are no barriers keeping kids from joining in. 

“We are committed to making a difference in the communities where we live and work,” said Jennifer Neil, POOLCORP’s Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. “For children, learning to swim is a critical safety skill, but it’s also a way to boost confidence and help pave the way for a better, happier future – and we are proud to support that pathway in every way possible,” Neil added.

Gordon Wadge, President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater New Orleans, has been part of POOLCORP’s swim safety program since its inception and continues to see a positive impact in the community today. "POOLCORP's partnership with the YMCA saves lives. It's that important and especially as we enter the summer swim season,” said Wadge. “Together, we want every child to be safe around the water – and with the YMCA being known as America’s Swim Instructor and POOLCORP as one of the leaders in the swimming pool industry – what better partnership to make this happen,” added Wadge.

For more information about POOLCORP’s partnership with YMCAs and other charitable programs, visit poolcorp.com/splash-of-joy.