ECOsurfaces Blends Form and Function With New Sustainable Desert & River Flooring Line

The new ECOsurfaces Desert & River commercial flooring line from Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed materials into high-performance products that make people’s lives better, offers the architect and design community an innovative solution that fuses aesthetics and sustainability with ergonomics, acoustics and safety. Available exclusively through Spartan Surfaces, this highly versatile product offering delivers superior performance benefits, including slip-resistance, cushioning, sound absorption and durability, while its unique pattern and texture add visual interest to any setting.

“ECOsurfaces developed the Desert & River flooring line to meet the specification needs of commercial architects and designers,” said Joe Blodgett, Senior Vice President at Spartan Surfaces, a specialty flooring company based in Bel Air, Md. “Its unique combination of performance, aesthetics and sustainability makes it an ideal option for a wide range of applications.”

Engineered for use in high-traffic areas, Desert & River is well-suited for retail, hospitality, education and office applications, as well as therapy and rehab spaces, cardio/fitness areas and other settings where safety is a top priority.

Featuring a 1mm woven vinyl surface layer fused to a 3mm vulcanized composition rubber base layer, the resilient composition delivers an optimal balance of force reduction and energy restitution with an impressive 71.82% useful return of impact energy and a 6.82% absorption of impact energy. Desert & River also features ECOsurfaces’ patented itsTRU® technology, a proprietary, zero-waste manufacturing process that improves the performance of the flooring – and the lives of those who use it – while minimizing impact on the planet.

“Bringing the new Desert & River line to our clients on a national level gives us an exciting competitive advantage in the commercial arena,” noted Blodgett. “The differentiating performance benefits and versatility set it apart. We are confident this product will exceed our customers’ expectations.”

The new Desert & River product line comes in a range of colors named after some of the world’s most famous natural landmarks. Desert options include Sahara, Mojave, Gobi, Great Basin, Patagonian, and Kalahari. River colors include Rio Grande, Hudson, Amazon, Nile, Mississippi, and Danube. All ECOsurfaces products are FloorScore certified and contribute towards earning points toward LEED certification.

“Cultivating wellness in modern buildings, ECOsurfaces is the leading sustainable flooring solution designers can confidently specify,” said Deb Lechner, chief marketing officer for Ecore. “Made with the cleanest, most consistent and highest quality upcycled material available, ECOsurfaces Desert & River prioritizes the human experience without compromising function and aesthetics.”

Desert & River will be unveiled at this year’s NeoCon show in Chicago where architects, designers and other attendees will have the opportunity to view this innovative new product firsthand in Spartan’s Mobile Showroom located on Hubbard Street from June 12-13.

All ECOsurfaces products are manufactured in the U.S. with domestic and global content. The new Desert & River flooring is available in standard rolls. For pricing, minimums, lead times, and availability, contact your local Spartan Surfaces agent at 800-997-7604 or visit