Groundbreaking Certification Program Develops Coaches Who Help Kids Thrive

Lionheart Fitness Kids has been transforming children's lives since 2008, helping them develop confidence and fostering positive, healthy habits through its acclaimed sports programs designed for kids ages 2-5.


Now, the company is offering a nationwide opportunity for adults from diverse backgrounds to turn their passion for sports and their desire to make a difference in children's lives into a lucrative career with the Lionheart Coach Certification program. In just five simple steps, aspiring coaches can embark on a journey that combines their love for sports with the chance to positively impact young minds.


"Our Lionheart Fitness Kids certification program equips you with the skills and knowledge to become an exceptional coach, teaching the fundamentals of sports to young children," said Lionheart CEO John Skoryna. "With our convenient online training, you can quickly start earning as a coach and make a real difference."


What sets Lionheart's certification program apart is its commitment to providing more than just training — the company offers a comprehensive business platform to help coaches run their entire coaching enterprise.

 Once coaches become certified, Lionheart provides them with an online platform that includes:

 • A public profile visible to parents and preschools actively seeking coaches

• A secure payment processing system

• A class management system for effortless scheduling, rosters, and direct client     communication

• A mobile app featuring weekly sport-specific curriculums

• A step-by-step sales process to help coaches build their businesses

• Ongoing community support through regular updates

Under this groundbreaking business model, Lionheart's Certified Coaches not only receive the most rigorous training and vetting in the field of children's fitness coaching in the U.S., but they also enjoy some of the highest earning  potential, Skoryna proudly revealed.

"When you earn, the money goes directly into your bank account — we take zero royalties," Skoryna emphasized. "Our mission is to empower hundreds of thousands of coaches worldwide to build sustainable livelihoods, fostering the rise of the next generation of fitness leaders."

Lionheart encourages trainers, teachers, coaches and fitness professionals to join them on this remarkable journey and become a Lionheart Certified Coach today. Have a look at what Lionheart Fitness Kids Certified Coaches have to say about this dynamic and game changing program:

“Lionheart firmly believes in the power of creative play to foster confidence and instill positive habits in children,” Skoryna added. “Our certified coaches utilize innovative approaches, ensuring that each child's unique potential is unlocked. By blending the elements of physical activity, teamwork and imagination, Lionheart coaches cultivate an environment where young minds thrive.”

For more information on the coach certification program, please visit, or to view Lionheart’s virtual program