Trust for Public Land Podcast Explores Human Connection to Nature

Trust for Public Land (TPL), a national nonprofit that works to connect everyone to the outdoors by creating parks and protecting land, announced the launch of their new podcast, People. Nature. Big Ideas. The first three episodes are available now.

Hosted by Ronda Lee Chapman, a nationally recognized champion for the outdoors and director of equity and belonging for TPL, People. Nature. Big Ideas. will feature conversations with guests from around the country who are living alongside some of the pressing issues that advance a more diverse, equitable and inclusive outdoor experience in their communities. Every interview will explore our human connection with the natural environment—and how those connections influence culture, the arts, joy and healing, and help build resilient and vibrant communities.

“When people can spend time outdoors, their health improves, their minds clear, their soul can find peace. It’s our mission at Trust for Public Land to make it that a given. This podcast is designed to be a rich forum for discussion on how we move forward—together—in a positive and co-beneficial way,” says host Ronda Lee Chapman. “My hope is that People. Nature. Big Ideas. can be a vehicle to raise up community voices—to offer a platform to talk about how these individuals are demonstrating the ways in which they redefine what inclusiveness in the outdoors means.”

Each episode will dive into different connections, challenges and joys that communities around the country experience with their local outdoor spaces. Ronda and her guests will explore topics ranging from the nation’s emerging Black birding community, understanding the intersection of racism, poverty and creating meaningful access to the outdoors, and how the rising generation of BIPOC champions are already moving the needle on national conservation efforts.

“People. Nature. Big Ideas. is an opportunity for Trust for Public Land to further elevate stories around the people, communities and organizations who inspire our work,” said TPL CEO, Diane Regas. “Ronda and her guests are poised to share their experience and expertise with listeners, bringing them to the intersections of nature, art, culture, and community.”

Produced by Pretty Good Productions, listeners can find People. Nature. Big Ideas. on Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Spotify and Google Podcasts, and anywhere else they get their podcasts.

To learn more about People. Nature. Big Ideas., visit the podcast’s website.