Ignite Attachments Launches Auger Attachment Line

Ignite Attachments, a breakthrough manufacturer of compact equipment attachments, adds to its growing lineup of direct-to-you products with a new auger line. The four models offer self-aligning vertical accuracy for precise, accurate vertical holes in any situation. A choice of drive system ensures ample torque for even the toughest digging conditions. With the power and precision to handle everything from shale, clay and frozen surfaces, the new auger lineup is an ideal solution for post hole digging, fence installation, deck building, tree planting and much more. With Ignite’s exclusive Fit Finder, customers can easily find the right auger to pair with their existing equipment and fast delivery directly to their shop door.  

“It’s all about getting the job done quickly and accurately,” said Matthew Foley, lead engineer at Ignite Attachments. “Our business model allows customers to confidently match, buy and receive attachments directly to their door fast. With the new auger lineup, we’re expanding the applications customers can tackle with their existing equipment, giving those in the fencing, utility, landscape, construction, agriculture, rental and similar industries, as well as homeowners, a high-quality, cost-effective solution without the delay of working with a third-party dealer.”

Powerful Drive Systems

To provide efficient solutions for a wide range of applications and comfort levels, Ignite’s auger lineup includes four models. The 75DDH and 165DDH augers both feature an economical classic-drive system, which provides productive torque ratio at any rpm. Operators can expect fast, deep holes even when facing clay, rock, frozen surfaces and more. The drive’s simple, economical design and construction also allows for easy maintenance and a low total cost of ownership. The 75DDH has a hydraulic flow range of 8-20 gpm and the 165DDH has a hydraulic flow range of 14-25 gpm.  Both models offer a digging depth of 50 inches with a standard bit or up to 86 inches with an optional extension.   

For more challenging digging conditions, including shale, rocky soil, layers of frost, heavy clay and more, Ignite offers a planetary drive that maximizes torque and power. Planetary-drive models include the 150 PH with a hydraulic flow range of 10-20 gpm and the 210 PH with a flow range of 15-30 gpm.  Both models offer a digging depth of 50 inches with a standard bit or up to 86 inches with an optional extension.   

Self-Balanced Alignment

All models in Ignite Attachment’s auger line feature a unique joint between the mounting frame and drive unit to ensure a straight, vertical holes even while working on contoured, sloped or uneven ground.

“We’ve taken the guesswork out of digging,” Foley said. “With our self-balanced alignment feature, customers don’t need to worry as much about the loader’s stance. They can get perfectly straight holes every time.”

The Ignite Edge

Ignite Attachments offers quality-designed and -manufactured tools that are easy to purchase, attach and use. In today’s fast-paced, connected economy, Ignite offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for compact equipment operators of any brand. Online ordering and direct shipping allow customers to shop confidently and on their schedule. Ignite backs every attachment with a comprehensive warranty and excellent customer support, ensuring customers can rely on their tools for years to come.

Learn more about Ignite augers and the company’s full line of attachments at www.igniteattachments.com.