American Hiking Chosen as a 2023 Challenge Cost Awardee

The National Park Trust, in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS), announced recently $375,100 to fund 18 education and outdoor recreation projects through the 2023 NPS Challenge Cost Share Program. Each project connects a local community to a nearby national park, national trail, or wild and scenic river. This year’s group of awardees will engage more than 8,600 participants in active, healthy outdoor recreation and in education initiatives that increase knowledge about our nation’s natural and cultural heritage.

American Hiking Society received an award to support four volunteer trail stewardship trips on National Scenic and Historic Trails across the country. Spanning from the Iditarod National Historic Trail in Alaska to the Appalachian National Scenic Trail in the east, to the North Country and Arizona National Scenic Trails in between. Volunteers from across the country will devote a week of their time to maintain and build iconic trails while making lifelong friendships and learning valuable skills from NPS and partners.

“National Park Trust is thrilled to once again partner with the National Park Service and community partners across the country to connect people of all backgrounds and abilities to national parks while engaging the newest generation of outdoor enthusiasts and stewards,” said Grace Lee, executive director of National Park Trust. “The Challenge Cost Share program is a terrific example of an initiative that leverages public and private funds to invest in communities to create sustainable partnerships that benefit parks and people.”

“We appreciate the work of local partner organizations across the nation, who are using their resources and skills to support conservation, recreation and education projects that are meaningful and impactful to their communities,” said Lauren S. Imgrund, NPS associate director for Partnerships and Civic Engagement.