National Council of Youth Sports Teams With U.S. Soccer Foundation to Train Coaches

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) and the U.S. Soccer Foundation announced a new strategic partnership to scale the Foundation’s Coach-Mentor Training to ensure that more coaches are trained in social and emotional skills and its abuse prevention and positive youth development best practices. Through this partnership, the NCYS membership network will have opportunities to participate in Coach-Mentor Training, contributing to the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s goals of engaging 10,000+ coaches in 2024 and 50,000 coaches by 2026.

“Through our strategic partnership with the U.S. Soccer Foundation, NCYS is committed to expanding the reach of Coach-Mentor Training to empower coaches with the tools and knowledge they need to promote a safe and positive environment for young athletes,” said Wayne B Moss, NCYS Executive Director. “Together, we aim to prevent social and emotional abuse while fostering the holistic development of youth through sports. This collaboration reinforces our shared dedication to creating a brighter future for all young athletes, both on and off the field.”

“We are excited about this partnership with the National Council of Youth Sports and its commitment to equip more coaches across all sports with the framework to better understand their roles as mentors and the tools to better serve the youth on their teams and in their organizations,” said Katlin Okamoto, Director, Coach-Mentor Training at the U.S. Soccer Foundation. “This is an important step by NCYS and its member organizations to increase the support for coaches and improve the impactful role they play in the lives of youth players.”

NCYS will work with its membership organizations—which together serve some 60 million youth registered into sports programs—to offer online and in-person training options. The Foundation’s Coach-Mentor Training teaches participants how to be both a mentor and a coach, how to manage behaviors with empathy, and how to develop and harness the social and emotional skills of young people. The training also teaches coaches how to work effectively with youth in and from underserved communities and create a positive team culture that reflects the diversity of the youth they serve, which is critical when coaches work with young people of varying racial, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

NCYS members can learn more about the Coach-Mentor Training and opportunities available here.

NCYS is taking proactive steps to cultivate a Culture of Safety in youth sports. The U.S. Soccer Foundation has joined this initiative that focuses on developing comprehensive safety guidelines that prioritize injury prevention, physical abuse prevention and the overall social and emotional well-being of young athletes, ensuring their holistic development and protection within sports environments. Together, NCYS and the U.S. Soccer Foundation are leveraging their expertise and resources to promote a safe and nurturing environment for young athletes, fostering their growth, confidence, and well-being both on and off the field.