Five Inspiring Individuals Awarded 2023 IDEA World Convention Scholarships

The IDEA World Convention Scholarship Program, funded by Kathie and Peter Davis, founders of IDEA Health & Fitness Association (IDEA) and the IDEA Foundation (now the American Council on Exercise, or ACE), announced five 2023 award recipients who will attend this year’s IDEA World Convention in Los Angeles, California between July 12-16, 2023.   

“We are honored to continue supporting exercise professionals who help communities become more physically active,” said Kathie Davis, former executive director for IDEA. “The initial purpose of IDEA was to ‘Inspire the World to Fitness,’ and the IDEA World Convention Scholarship Program in partnership with ACE helps take that inspiration to the next level – by recognizing and supporting those who are making positive changes in our communities.”  

The 2023 IDEA World Convention Scholarship recipients include:  

  • Ana Almeida-DoRosario, an ACE Group Fitness Instructor and ACE Health Coach, previously worked with youth providing health and fitness workshops. Today, she coordinates various public health programs, including a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) in the state of Rhode Island. It’s offered at no cost to participants. Almeida-DoRosario loves working with her team that empowers people to make healthy lifestyle changes, encourages them to move more, and to make better nutrition choices. In addition, she leads free fitness classes for her community at various locations, including the local library.  
  • Caroline Morin, a health coach and teacher, works with Lifting spirits, Improving bodies, Feeding souls, Transforming lives (LIFT) Fitness Foundation. A nonprofit in Virgina, LIFT provides fitness & nutrition programs to homeless individuals, people in substance abuse recovery, veterans & children in underserved communities. LIFT fills a gap for local shelters by offering 30-, 60- and 90-day programs focusing on fitness & nutrition education, goal setting, motivational coaching & community. 
  • Frank G. McKenna previously worked as a teacher for special needs students and currently owns. McKenna retired from teaching when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in 2016. While striving to stay heathy and overcome the physical and emotional burdens of a cancer diagnosis, he became stronger and was inspired to become certified as a cancer exercise specialist to serve other cancer survivors in his community, an effort he continues today. Along with running his own studio, Frank is also the co-coordinator of the Wellness Beyond Cancer program through his local healthcare system. 
  • Frann Ravid is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor who was the catalyst in developing the Adult Fitness Program in her town, a low-cost, community fitness program that serves men and women of various abilities and ages, from 36-78. Motivated to find new fitness opportunities when her area gym closed and inspired by ACE’s community engagement efforts, Frann partnered with her local Parks and Recreation Department offering to volunteer and teach fitness classes. Three years after its launch, the Adult Fitness Program earns approximately $1,000 each month from its $2.75 fee per class, with the revenue supporting recreational programs for children and teens. 
  • Tiffany Copeland is the director of the Fitness Warriors program, which uses a training the trainer model to teach community leaders how to be group fitness instructors with the aim to increase physical activity opportunities in communities around Richmond, Virgina. Her nonprofit organization is intentional in teaching about the health disparities that face underserved communities and partner with spaces such as local churches, libraries and community centers to build community trust and engage individuals who may not have access to fitness and exercise options. Today, Copeland and her team reach 6,000+ new people in one of their 34 weekly classes now being held on Zoom as well as in person. 

“The exercise professionals selected as this year's IDEA Scholarship award recipients exemplify ACE’s mission to get people moving,” said Scott Goudeseune, chief executive officer at ACE. “It is a privilege to continue collaborating with Peter and Kathie to administer these scholarships and ACE is excited to see the 2023 awardees’ careers continue to flourish.”  

The IDEA World Convention Scholarship Program was established by Kathie and Peter Davis in 2018 and is administered by ACE. The program recognizes the exceptional work of exercise professionals and health coaches who are making a difference in their communities. Scholarship awards include event registration, travel, boarding, and meals during the Convention.