Current’s Newest Bollards and Decorative Luminaires Combine Precision and Beauty

The Beacon brand of outdoor lighting solutions from Current is growing again with two new additions: BEACON RBD Ratio Bollards for parks, campuses and public spaces and BEACON Urban Micro Strike decorative luminaires for illuminating roadways and walkways. Blending simple sophistication with technological reinforcements, Current’s BEACON brand gives lighting professionals, specifiers and architects more options to make a bold statement using products that are attractive for their modern, minimalist look.

“With BEACON, you can illuminate thoroughfares and pathways, highlight architectural features and create enchanting ambiances that leave a lasting impression,” says Doug Hodges, Product Manager for Current. “Our carefully crafted fixtures go beyond mere illumination; they breathe life into outdoor environments and help ensure a sense of security. We aim to make spaces come alive, inviting people to linger, connect and embrace their surroundings.”

BEACON RBD Ratio Bollard

New award-winning BEACON Ratio rectilinear bollards are available in 24-, 30-, 36- and 42-inch heights and have a unique optical configuration that provides great light distribution flexibility in a full cutoff design. Each side of the bollard is equipped with an LED board so that users can choose to illuminate any section, allowing for light in 90-degree increments as desired from 680 to over 2,700 lumens. Offered in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT versions at 70 CRI, there are many photometric distribution patterns to suit applications like parks, schools, retail centers and corporate campuses.

Designed to match the BEACON Ratio family of Area, Flood and Wall fixtures for one clean, consistent look, the bollards come in a bevy of colors ranging from black matte and dark bronze to platinum silver and white gloss among many others. Featuring a field-rotatable base plate, these striking bollards are the perfect complement to any outdoor lighting project that can benefit from sharp, clean lines and low-glare appearance.

BEACON Urban Micro Strike

The BEACON Urban Micro Strike is a sleek new solution for casting light on roadways, walkways and other outdoor spaces while having the flexibility of multiple mounting options including pendant, side and yoke. This decorative luminaire comes in four unique shade/style combinations with standard 20kA surge protection and includes two sizes—large and small—to offer customers a total appearance package. An LED turtle-friendly (beach-side shielding) option is also available for coastal installations.

Each product version incorporates BEACON’s proprietary Micro Strike Optics that maximize target zone illumination with minimal losses at the house side, thereby reducing light trespass issues. This outstanding optic control helps to simplify layouts, reduce fixture count and lower installation costs while improving visual acuity and comfort. Finding the right fit is also a matter of convenience with outputs ranging from 2,600 to 22,000 lumens in available 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT options at 70 and 80 CRI. 

Meet the Family

Current's BEACON brand and family of outdoor lighting solutions offers a wide assortment of fixtures, sizes and distributions to make it easy for professionals to customize their designs. Customers will find inspired luminaires that put a new spin on classic forms, bringing traditional aesthetics into the next generation of LED lighting. All products are designed for consistent, long-term performance with advanced thermal management and industry-leading surge protection. Scalable options, multiple beam spreads and interchangeable mountings make this one of the most versatile collections available.

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