Staffing & Maintenance Are Top Concerns for Parks

More than six in 10 (60.1%) park respondents to the Industry Report survey said that staffing issues were a top concerngraph for their facility in 2023, and 55% said equipment and facility maintenance were a top concern. This compares with 59.9% and 46.5% of non-park respondents, respectively.

Park respondents were more likely than non-park respondents to name many issues as a top concerns for their facilities, including: creating new and innovative programming (19.9% vs. 15%); fitness and wellness (17.9% vs. 16.1%); older adult fitness and wellness (14.8% vs. 9.5%); conservation and environmental concerns (10.3% vs. 7.5%); social equity (7.6% vs. 6.6%); and accessibility (9.6% vs. 4.7%).

Non-park respondents were more likely to name safety and risk management (26.5% vs. 22.3% of park respondents), youth fitness and wellness (11.7% vs. 11%) and legislative issues (6.2% vs. 5.2%) as top concerns for their facilities. 


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